Polish Artist Portrays Cristiano Ronaldo And Messi Using Only Footballs

Art is one field of work that has scope for improvisation more than any-other field. Here is one such artist, Andrew Lenard, the Polish artist changed the contemporary style of painting with the brush as he uses football’s as a tool. A few litres of Paint and balls were all he used to portray the faces of the two best athletes in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. For the artist there was no better way to honor the two best players today than painting them flying balls which saw their faces reflected in a canvas of over two meters.

Clearly something has been done to the canvas before the paint goes on in order to get the details right, but this is still pretty cool. It all begins with a series of shots at a large piece of fabric on the wall. At first it seems that the artist is playing and giving one random flying balls, but as time goes round spots will gradually take shape and begin to distinguish the figures of Real Madrid and Barcelona stars.

” I make many types of art and these projects are just my experiments. I make because it’s fun and I like to check out all the new possibilities in art using new media. Athletes like Ronaldo and Messi are known worldwide, modern heroes and role models, so it was an obvious choice for me , “said Lenard about his unique tribute to the emblems of the Spanish League .

Here we leave the videos on how Andrew Lenard does his beautiful work:

Pictures via: Reddit

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