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Poleksic: Liverpool Game Was Not Fixed

Debrecen goal keeper Vukasin Poleksic denied all the reports in a Danish newspaper which claimed that he was involved in match fixing a game against Liverpool.

Vukasin Poleksic was banned for two years for failing to report advances made to him by a fixer.

Debrecen released a statement on their website,

“The investigation revealed that Poleksic rejected the requests. Furthermore, the probe found that the matches were not influenced by anything connected with the bribery”.

“Neither DVSC nor the player wants to react to this news. Everything on this matter has been dealt with in 2010,”

Vukasin Poleksic: I know i am clean
Vukasin Poleksic: I know i am clean

Poleksic revealed that only reason he got the ban is because he told the truth to the police during the investigation. He said,

“I didn’t want to lie, maybe if I said nobody called me, they would’ve given me nothing, if I said: ‘Nobody called me, you don’t have proof, f— off’. But I was a little bit naive.”

“Anyone who watched the match would know what people are saying is bull,”

“It was the biggest match of my career and Liverpool have always been my favorite club. I can’t believe what people have said about me. But I don’t care because I know I am clean.”

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