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PL prediction: 3 Teams who could get relegated this season including Newcastle United and Brighton

Premier League opinion: 3 sides likely to get relegated

There is always a downside to any competition, as not everyone can be winners. The Premier League is one of the most fiercely contested sports competitions in the world and the rewards for simply being a part of it are massive, even if it’s for only one season.

Relegation can be difficult to overcome and no club will believe that they’re going to be relegated but the harsh reality is that three teams will have to go down every season.

Last season, two of the promoted sides – Cardiff City and Fulham, couldn’t make the cut in the Premier League and Huddersfield Town had a season to forget after a miraculous survival in the 2017/18 season.

As always, the sides most likely to find it difficult are the promoted sides. However, there are other teams who will be afraid that they’ve stagnated, and a bad start could be enough to make them relegation candidates.

Let’s now predict which sides are most likely to not make the grade in the Premier League in the 2019/20 season:

Sheffield United

The Blades are unfortunate to have joined the Premier League at a time when every team s innovative in their own way.

Chris Wilder

The Blades took the Championship by storm under Chris Wilder with his overlapping centre-backs and a 3-man backline but the Premier League will not allow for innovation as we saw with Slavisa Jokanovic and Fulham.

A team like Sheffield United needs a pragmatic system to survive and it’s very difficult to revert to any other style once a club has decided to play in a certain way.

However, Sheffield United should stick to their style and try again if they don’t make it, and stick to a long-term project like how Burnley did with Sean Dyche.

Brighton and Hove Albion

Brighton are going through a change of management that will alter their style massively and while they may entertain their fans for a while, they haven’t made substantial transfers to be ready for it.

Under Chris Hughton, they played a low block and pushed the opposition wide to play crosses, which their two centre-backs would win in the air.

Brighton simply don’t have the players to implement the style that Graham Potter likes and there’s nothing worse than being stuck between two styles. Potter needs to be supported but survival and good football don’t always work well together.

Newcastle United

While the Magpies made it to 13th place last season, the problem lies with the toxicity within the club. It’s not to say that Steve Bruce can’t do a job but he’s under pressure even before the first game of the season.

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Benitez was the lid on the pressure cooker and with him gone, the St. James’ faithful will latch onto any mistake to call out the board and that’ll be a very difficult environment for anyone to work under.

It will be one of the achievements of the season if Newcastle manage to survive but it’s highly unlikely that they will.