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PES 2013 Demo Review

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Here we go!!! PES 2013 demo is out for PC & Xbox. Play Station version will be available in next 24 hours.

I played about 10 matches on a stretch, now will give a review of my experience with it.

Demo has four international teams and four club teams featured in it. As soon as you start the game, the promo video starts playing. It is the best promo video in any next generation PES games. I already watched the video for about four times.


Looks more simpler than PES 2012 and feels more responsive than the same. Most of the game modes are locked as this is just a demo.

My rating: 4/5


As soon as i started my first game (Portugal vs England), i was absolutely petrified at the new graphics. The match atmosphere, stadium, lighting, shadows and other things all looked mind blowing. For the first time ever you feel that you are watching a real football match. Animations are better than the last release but still looks bit clunky.

Rating: 4.5/5

Game Play:

Now coming to the most important thing when it comes to any sports simulation games – game play. PES 2013 uses the same engine like its predecessor. But Konami have done a great job in balancing the play (I found PES 2012 very attack oriented). Now the game is back to its simulation best after last years’ arcade game play.

  • Players move into space regularly providing you the opportunity to attempt the killer passes.
  • Defense mechanism is bit tweaked and made easier to intercept passes and make ball winning tackles.
  • Player ID will be main talking point of this year’s game. Every player has their own styles, emotions, running, kicking, shots and much more. Absolute top  notch.
  • Shooting is more fluid and but its more difficult to score goals which i liked. PES is always known for its challenging game play.
  • Thank god the Keepers are much better.  At last keepers produce some match defining saves. It is nice to see player ID feature is found in goal keepers too.
  • Tricks & skill moves are easier to execute.

Rating: 4.5/5

PES 2013 is already 1-0 up against their rival FIFA 13 (demo is yet to be released). Can EA sports respond to this? We have to wait for their demo. But it looks like Komani’s PES 2013 may be the game that will bring back their lost glory. This is just a demo, full versions of both games will tell the full story.

Overall Rating: 4.3/5

To download the demo click here PES Demo Link. Happy gaming!