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Peru U -20 Goalkeeper Pulls Off A Stunning Double Save

One of the best double saves you’ll ever see, from the U20 Sudamericano game between Uruguay and Peru:

Peru U20 keeper Angelo Campos will never make a better save than this if he plays until he’s 50. The first one is great, but the way he got back onto his line to block the follow up was astounding.

Watch the save here:

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]nyK8r9M4rkc[/youtube]

Talk about bravery, what an effort from the keeper. It was his mistake to come out of his box in the first place but what a recovery from Angelo Campos to keep their side in the game. It was so embarrassing for the Uruguayan striker Gonzalo Bueno who missed an open goal chance that he had to fake an injury. If the goal had went it, Uruguay could have won easily as they would have extended the score line to 4-2, instead Peru held on and managed to score an late equalizer to bring it to 3-3.