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Perr Schuurs will most likely join Crystal Palace instead of Liverpool

The transfer window in the English Premier League is on its way, and some of the top-tier clubs are doing everything they can to get the players they need. Liverpool is no exception because the club is interested in Perr Schuurs, a 23-year-old defender from Torino. With that said, it seems like the club will miss out on him because the latter will probably join Crystal Palace.

The transfer

Adding a player like Schuurs to the team will definitely have a positive effect on Crystal Palace. Besides fans who watch the team in action, those who use the to bet on casino games in Canada and then decide to wager on sports may be more interested in this team because the odds will be higher for it.

With that said, Shuurs hasn’t joined any of the EPL teams yet, which means that they may decide to go elsewhere. Besides Crystal Palace and Liverpool, West Ham is also interested in the talented center-back. Yet, some of the big sports media outlets have reported that Crystal Palace has offered a $35M offer for the defender, meaning that he might be joining sooner than we think.

Liverpool needs a young defender

Considering Liverpool’s results lately, the team definitely needs a young defender like Schuurs. The Dutch player seems like one of the best signings, but the Reds must fight for his signature. Schuurs has already proven himself in Serie A, and experts agree that he is ready for a move to the English Premier League. 

Of course, there are a few other top-tier players that the club is interested in, so we will have to wait and see what will happen.

Other options

If the transfer of the Dutch defender doesn’t take place, Liverpool has a few other players that the club is interested in. One of them is Moises Caicedo, a player that needs to fill in Fabinho’s role. Although we expected to see the player in action, he did not take part in Liverpool’s squad in Germany in the last couple of days. A few days after that, the big news outlets revealed that the player is most likely heading to Saudi Arabia and will join Al Ittihad.

It is worth knowing that Liverpool is going through an interesting rebuild of its midfield. The club has signed Mac Allister and Szoboszlai, meaning that Klopp has the opportunity to bring in the former duo that played in Brighton. Needless to say, these players had a major role last season, and Liverpool needs them to improve their results.


Whether you are a fan of Liverpool or a different English Premier League club, there is no arguing that this season will be special. We expect to see a lot from the best teams in the world, especially after the recent transfers. It will be interesting to see the names of the teams that will impress us with their results.