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Payet (West Ham) vs Willian (Chelsea): Stats War Between Two Explosive Attackers

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Dimitri Payet vs Willian: Stats War

Two players who have done extremely well this season and have been a bit of a surprise really, Dimitri Payet and Willian have been the stars for their respective clubs and don’t seem to be going off the boil anytime soon this season.

Payet’s important to West Ham cannot be questioned and he has been instrumental for all the good that West Ham have achieved so far this season. Willian on the other hand, is the only player who seems to have turned up for Chelsea and is looking to cement his legacy at least for this season as the one player who actually played for Jose Mourinho.


With both players enjoying stellar seasons we compare just how well they have done in the Premier League using Squawka.com

Willian vs. Payet: Brazil taking on France

Both Payet and Willian are the attacking outlets for their teams and the most important fact is the number of passes they make for the team. Payet averages 22.4 forward passes per 90 minutes compared to the 25.7 forward passes that Willian averages for Chelsea this season.

The pass completion percentages of both players are more or less the same with Payet coming in with 82% compared to Willian’s 83%, showing that these players are almost equal in this stat.

When it comes to key passes it is Payet who streaks ahead of the always running Willian with 3.5 key passes per 90 compared to the Chelsea player’s 2.4, per 90. Even when it comes to assists, it is the French attacker who has been better in that aspect than the Brazilian.

Payet averages 0.3 assists per 90 minutes, an assist every three games while Willian comes in with 0.2 assists per 90 that means one assist for every five games in the league this season.

Even in goal scoring, it is Payet who outshines the Brazilian with 0.4 goals per 90 minutes compared to Willian’s 0.2 goals per 90 minutes. Willian though is better when it comes to taking on defenders as he maintains a 72% success rate in take-ons compared to 63% for Payet.

All in all, it is Payet who does win this round when we are comparing the two players. He doesn’t just have the better stats but has had to do more for the team and has missed quite a number of games for the Hammers as well. Hopefully, they can hold onto him next season also.