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Paul Scholes Has Something To Say About Arsenal’s Striker

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Manchester United’s most celebrated footballer Paul Scholes is not happy at the way United is performing this season and has criticized Louis Van Gaal’s decision to let go of Danny Welbeck for the same.

“He’s quick, he’s strong, can score a goal, can make a goal, play left wing, right wing, centre-forward… he’d walk into this team now without a shadow of a doubt.”-Paul Scholes

According to Scholes, Danny Welbeck was always the right candidate to be present in United and should never have been allowed to go. Scholes states that Welbeck would have walked to the start line for Manchester United. The player had been a part of United since the age of 9 and hence he was meant to be a part of United at all times however he was allowed to go by Louis Van Gaal.

“Welbeck’s the biggest example. He should never, ever been allowed to leave this club.

“He’s a big example of what Manchester United are. He was here from nine years of age and came right through to the first team”

“He’s just been allowed to go. Whether that’s come from the manager or beyond the manager’s dealings, I don’t know – I’m pretty sure it did come from the manager. But it should never have been allowed to happen.”

Scholes expressed his disappointment with the same and as such Van Gaal’s decision has cost the veteran Dutchman much more than a few lost matches. The Dutch manager believed that Welbeck’s goal scoring has paled as compared to Robin Van Persie and Wayne Rooney which as the manager stated are the standards in United, and hence this was the main reason why he let go of Welbeck in the first place.