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Paul Pogba vs Patrick Vieira: How Good Is The Manchester United Target Compared To The Arsenal Legend?

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The longest transfer saga of the summer window is about to end with Paul Pogba on his way to Manchester United. Even if it is for a record transfer fee, the 23-year-old lifted yet another Serie A title and he could be back to England playing for Jose Mourinho as he looks to take the side to the title.

There have been many comparisons about Pogba’s playing style and his never say die attitude. Even when the French side were playing in Euros, all eyes were on Pogba and anytime he messed up there were thousands of people groaning about in the stands.

Pogba has even become a crucial component of the Juventus side and it is no wonder that Juventus want close to £100 million for the French star. One player that Pogba has often been compared with is Patrick Vieira and the former Juventus, Arsenal and Inter Milan player even stated to RMC Sport: “He’s better than I was at his age…”

The former Arsenal captain also stated: “I believe that he is a better player than I was at his age. He has a great shot on him and a good physique for someone who has only just turned 20.”

That was back then when he was just starting his career at Juventus but now Pogba is at another level and he seems to be doing everything for a side.

Patrick Vieira was the destroyer in midfield for Arsenal and even for Juventus and Inter Milan when he shifted to Serie A. The French star was a no-nonsense midfielder and probably was one of the best in the Premier League and the world. His battles with Roy Keane were worth watching but Paul Pogba does not have a similar tale to speak off.

The 23-year-old is a proper box-to-box midfielder who seems to do everything for his side. Vieira never managed to score more than seven goals in one season, despite playing in almost every competition for the Gunners. Pogba, on the other hand, has scored ten goals in each of his last seasons for Juventus and could actually be in line to increase that rate in the upcoming seasons.

Another startling fact is that Vieira scored six goals in 107 appearances for France throughout his career but Pogba has already reached this target in just 38 games and could end up scoring a lot more for sure.

Pogba can play in a range of positions and could be played in attack or defence, something that Manchester United will certainly be looking to make the best use of this season. He can also be the focal point of the attack down the middle if Jose Mourinho so pleases.

The 23-year-old Juventus star also is a bundle of energy and running in midfield and certainly emulates Vieira in this facet of the game. The startling fact of all this is that Vieira was considered one of the best during his time but not many were trying to sign him up because there were other players also doing a similar job but for some reason, everybody wants a piece of the Pogba and it isn’t a surprise as to why.

“Only time will tell, but I think he has a great opportunity to have an excellent career.

“He will be the next great midfielder of the French national team. He will learn things very quickly.”

Well, that was Vieira speaking in 2013 and boy, has Pogba come up leaps and bounds in these three years. He isn’t the next Vieira, he is the one and only Paul Pogba and the Juventus man could turn out to be one of the best to have every played the game of football if he continues his growth.

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