Paul Pogba: The Next Football Prodigy

Paul Pogba has just turned 20 years old, this past month. In just a season at the Juventus stadium, he has already elevated the world of Serie A with his sheer brilliance. His style of play has drawn comparisons with the former Juventus legend, Patrick Vieira. His confidence, skills, power, creativity and attitude will help guide him into becoming a superstar in the future. He can play anywhere in the midfield, he can be part of the defense and the attack; he is simply a versatile player. Juventus paid a bargain to purchase him and now they are enjoying the riches.

Sir Alex Ferguson must be in such an agony to have let go of Pogba. One would consider Mr. Ferguson’s ability to always see into the player’s true potentials and turn them into superstars. However, he overlooked Pogba and now Pogba has produced 5 goals in 23 matches which is even an excellent record for a veteran type midfielder. With Pogba Juventus’s future, even after Andrea Pirlo’s retirement looks very bright. With Pogba the French National team can have a moment of relief that they finally have a defensive minded midfielder that can produce the top level performances for at least another decade.

Pogba the next Pirlo

Juventus has already recognized Pogba’s wonderful skills and they have him under contract until 2016. The Juventus manager Antonio Conte is the perfect man to lead the youngster into his most pivotal part of his career. Pogba has the right players around him to support him. There’s no other experienced and legendary midfielder other than Andrea Pirlo that can be Pogba’s inspiration. He has already stated that Pirlo’s is his ideal player and he admires him very much, “I’ve admired him ever since I was a kid and I still watch him closely when he plays. I would like to have a similar career to his.” That rings an alarm that he is looking forward to a long lasting career.

There have been moments in his fast pacing career that he has been on the wrong side. For instance, he was late to training on a couple of occasions. His actions infuriated Conte and that caused Pogba to sit out a couple of games. However, other than a few minor glitches, he has been in an amazing run of form. He has an admirable attitude. He doesn’t act like he is the prima donna of the team. His level confidence can sometimes be confused for arrogance. The youngster is doing all the right things and he is at the best club to attain his goals. He has openly admitted that he is happy to be at Juventus, “I have confidence in myself and if I signed here it’s for a reason.


 He has been nick-named, “Paul the Octopus” for his ability to use his long legs to go on spectacular runs. He also used his long legs to tackle down his opponents. He is not afraid to go into challenges and he will do just about anything to win the ball back for his team. Many people do not recognize that Pogba is a team player. He certainly has what it takes to become a leader in the Juventus midfield. A leader leads the way when others have failed to do so. He has proven that he is capable of producing some magnificent moments. He dares to do be great therefore he is great. Giving up is not in his DNA, he will fight until the last kick of the game. He simply does not except defeat and challenges to be the greatest player that he can be.

He has brought on this self-belief that he must keep going forward and do great things at Juventus. He believes in his own abilities and most importantly Conte believes in him. Conte has given him the chances that he deserves and now the manager is seeing the results. Pogba wants to be recognized for his greatness when he retires, “Platini and Zidane are Juve’s history. I want to be the future.” The youngster has a long way to go but his in the upward path. Juventus is pleased to have him under their wings and Pogba is proud to be here.



Written by Dinesh V

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