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Ozil (Arsenal) vs Fabregas (Chelsea): Who Wins The Stats Battle?

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In our continuing series of comparing footballers who have excelled for their teams we are now set to compare a current Arsenal player with a former Arsenal player. When Cesc Fabregas was brought back to the Premier League by Chelsea, people had thought that it was a big gamble by Jose, especially after an average season for Barcelona but he has played a major role in propelling Chelsea to the top of the pile and it looks like they will be celebrating a league title after 3 years.

Ozil vs Florentino Perez

Mesut Ozil on the other hand was expected to do better this season than his last when he tailed off at the end but injuries have plagued this season for the German as well and he has only played 15 games in the Premier League for the Gunners.

Comparing the two midfield maestros might have been hard but we would only be looking at averages of certain stats taken from Squawka and only for games from the Premier League.

Cesc, a tireless worker for the team.

One thing which might not have worked for Cesc Fabregas would have been his work ethic while at Arsenal, Jose Mourinho expects all players to put in that extra effort and that is exactly what Fabregas has provided for Chelsea this season. Rather than being an attacking brute, he has played with a lot of guile but has done the dirty work when required of him and that shows up in the stats as well.

Chelsea Fabregas Costa

Fabregas does go in for a few tackles during a game and he averages a rather impressive 2.26 tackles won per game while the rather lanky Ozil comes in with only 0.73 tackles won per game, however Fabregas loses out on tackles as well, he loses on an average 3.44 tackles per game while Ozil only loses around 0.87 tackles per game.

The work rate from Cesc does not end up just on the tackles, despite being vertically challenged, he wins more aerial duels than Ozil with 0.81 aerial duels won compared to the 0.13 aerial duels won per game from the German.

If you were to think that Ozil makes a comeback in the attacking stats, you would be a little wrong. While Ozil does put up some impressive stats in attack, it is still Fabregas who leads the German. Fabregas averages around 55 forward passes per game while Ozil only has 31 forward passes per game. Fabregas just about chips ahead in the key passes per game with 2.33 compared to 2.27 for Ozil and the Spaniard also provides more assist per game as he averages an assist every other game while it takes Ozil nearly 3 games to notch up an assist.

The need for Ozil to play more games is clearly evident in the stats and that has also been a great help for Fabregas as he is a regular fixture in the Chelsea team while Ozil has not been playing regular football for Arsenal for a variety of reasons.

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