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Overview of sponsors of popular Premier League clubs in the 2023/24 season

As the 31st season of the renowned English Premier League approaches, all eyes are on the most decisive championship in Europe, captivating fans and patrons alike. Financial giants, sport apparel makers, and gambling companies are vying to secure lucrative deals with the football powerhouses of England, adorning advertising hoardings and shirts throughout the league. Sponsor companies play a vital role, providing clubs with financial support in exchange for their names being displayed on jerseys and around the stadium. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows patrons to garner much-needed attention, while clubs utilize the funds to acquire new equipment, attract talented players, and enhance their facilities. 

Thanks to these commercial partnerships, EPL teams have thrived, generating a staggering £6.1 billion during the 2021 campaign, a figure set to increase by £10 billion in the new three-year cycle starting from the 2022/23 season. Despite mixed criticisms, eight of the 20 Premier League teams have collaborated with gambling companies for this season, and these financial partnerships will continue until the 2026/27 season.

The most popular clubs and their sponsors

While popularity can be subjective and ever-changing, certain clubs earned their place among the eternal, and the proves it. Historical success, fan base, global reach, and recent performances helped them reach fame. The list of well-known teams includes former champions and successful European campaigners of Tottenham Hotspur, Leeds United, and Nottingham Forest.

Manchester United

Owned by the Glazer Family and settled at the iconic Old Trafford, ManUtd generated £65.2 million from the league’s prize pool only. Red Devils will receive Adidas shirts and funds until 2025. The German sports apparel company pays £75 million/year to secure the partnership. ManUtd didn’t disclose DXC Technology and Chevrolet contracts when writing this review. So, we don’t know how much they receive for sleeve adverts. Of course, they didn’t offer it for free. On the other hand, TeamViewer offered £47.5 million to advertise the front shirt. Also, Tezos has been promoted to the official kit supplier in 2022. The blockchain platform pays £20m annually to display on the sleeve.


In addition to their impressive financial achievements, Arsenal has also secured significant partnerships that contribute to their revenue.

Alongside their average attendance of 59,811, the Gunners have successfully sold out almost every home game, amassing a considerable prize cash of £69.7 million. The club’s revenue stream extends even further through shirt sponsorships. In 2018, they entered a 6-year, £300 million partnership with Adidas for kit supply.

While other clubs opt for gambling companies as sleeve sponsors, Adidas chose to collaborate with the Visit Rwanda Tourist Board, contributing £10 million to promote the country’s tourism until 2025.

However, the realm of gambling sponsorships is not unfamiliar to Arsenal. The club has ventured into partnerships with gambling-related entities as well. For instance, they have a notable partnership with Sportsbet.io, an online sports betting platform.

This strategic collaboration provides a link between the world of football and the realm of sports betting. For fans this partnership can enhance their engagement by offering unique betting opportunities and promotions associated with Arsenal’s matches.

Looking ahead, as the Emirates’ announced £200 million deal is set to expire in 2024, we can anticipate Arsenal’s efforts to either renew the partnership or secure an even more substantial sponsorship.

Meanwhile, just across the yard, neighbouring Bournemouth has kept their deal with Dafabet undisclosed, leaving us to speculate on the magnitude of the financial contribution from the gambling brand for shirt and sleeve advertisement.

Newcastle United

The Magpies seem to have other, more generous income sources than mere sponsorships. Owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia, Newcastle gets “only” £6.5m from Fun88. The online casino extended the contract in 2020. Still, parties remained silent about the duration.

Their London-based rival, West Ham, benefits from another gambling operator who sponsored them with £10 million. Betway is also an official training kit provider, while Scope Markets is at the sleeve. Yet, the Magpies earned more than £5 million, which the Hammers received from their kit supplier. For the record, Newcastle gets £5 million from Castore.

Manchester City

The Citizens will generate £650 million in a 10-year contract in one of the most extensive kit-supplying arrangements. Etihad Airways puts £67.5 million in the cashier each year without reporting the deal’s duration. Nexen Tire renewed the agreement in 2020, bringing in £10 million.

The partners’ pool differs from Fulham’s. London-based white-and-blacks closely cooperate with the gambling industry. They have Sbotop’s sign on their shirt, while World Mobile advertises from the sleeve. In addition, Manchester City has also entered a partnership with LeoVegas, a well-known online betting and casino platform.

This partnership not only strengthened Manchester’s financial position but also resulted in a great performance for LeoVegas globally: from over $1B in revenue from launch in US to the #1 rank of amongst other well-known brands (e.g., 888 Sports)

Well, back to Man City: Etihad Stadium saw 3% fewer spectators than its total capacity. Dsquared2 or Asahi Super Dry agreements may increase it. The same should apply to the social media following of 92+ million.


Anfield was among the most visited grounds, with an average attendance of 53,008/54,000. The crowd helped the club take £77.7 million in prizes. L’pool remains among the richest in EPL, where Axa, their training kit partner, paid £20 million to supply the locker room. Speaking of brands on the shirts, let’s say that Standard Chartered is an already established Reds’ partner.

The deal extension expires in 2027, generating an estimated £50 million/year. Nike is a kit supplier in a £30 million contract, while Expedia greets 108 million social media followers. Their sleeve sign brings Liverpool £10 million.

Other brands and partners helping the Reds’ cause are Carlsberg, Nivea, Acronis, and Mauritius Tourism. So, no gambling & sports betting here. But, their local rival, Everton, cooperates with StakeCom.


Amidst the dynamic landscape of sponsorships, Chelsea Football Club has not shied away from strategic collaborations that contribute to their financial prowess.

Despite a slight dip in ground attendance at Stamford Bridge during the previous season, Chelsea still managed to generate substantial revenue, amassing £70.4 million for the entire season. Interestingly, the Blues stand out as the only club within the league without an official shirt sponsor. However, their partnership landscape tells a different story.

One notable partnership for Chelsea is their collaboration with Parimatch, a prominent player in the gambling and betting industry. This partnership not only adds a significant revenue stream but also reflects the club’s willingness to embrace diverse sponsorship avenues.

Alongside Parimatch, Chelsea has also inked annual agreements with other influential brands such as Hublot, Cadbury, and EA Sports. These partnerships underscore the club’s commitment to creating a multifaceted and engaging experience for their fans and supporters.

Moreover, Chelsea’s steadfast partnership with Nike ensures their iconic blue kits will continue to grace the field until 2023. The collaboration, initiated in 2016 with a staggering £900 million commitment, has showcased the potential for mutually beneficial and long-lasting brand relationships.


While playing in the Premier League grants a minimum of £106 million in 2023/24, clubs also benefit from other arrangements. Commercial contracts with industry leaders, whether gambling, retail, or apparel, continue to increase clubs’ budgets.

The EPL stands at the forefront of modern sports and will keep the place thanks to lucrative deals. Major leagues will broaden the gap between other competitions, but fans have nothing to worry about. More funds allocated to quality games mean better entertainment provided by top-class players.