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Ouch! Gary Neville Owns Jamie Carragher

Just like the old times? Or may be a tad different this time around. Monday Night Football was back last this week as Manchester United legend Gary Neville joined hands with Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher. The duo will be hosting this year’s Monday Night Football. However, looking to get one over on his former foe, Carragher questioned the former Manchester United Captain’s courage if confronted by a burglar, yielding a devastating comeback from Neville.

If that’s not it, later on Carragher when describing how difficult it was to play against the Premier League’s best strikers and how Van Persie embarrassed him in Arsenal victory over Liverpool a couple of years ago. Neville suggested Van Persie’s ability to capitalise on unsighted defenders was akin to a “burglar in your house”. Carragher replied Neville would be “under the bed” but Red Nev, as usual, had the final say.

Watch this hilarious video:

Well, we are definitely in for a great season this year and let’s hope the duo keeps it interesting in the days to come!

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