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Opinon: Former Real Madrid And Barcelona Star Has Some Wacky Ideas That Are Even More Absurd Than Sepp Blatter’s!


Many had flooded to support the ex-Portugal legend since the announcement that he would be standing for the FIFA presidency, but after listing a number of outrageous plans to transform the organization yesterday, he showed that despite romance being in his favor, he perhaps isn’t the man to end Blatter’s reign.

The idea that grabbed most of the headlines was the potential expansion of the World Cup finals to 40 or even 46 competing teams. He added that they would be made up of non-European nations in a bid to spread football’s reach yet further across the globe. On the one hand, this could ensure that more people get to enjoy seeing their nation playing on sports biggest stage and could really help spread interest in the beautiful game. Also with more sides involved, it could turn the World Cup into a larger festival of football, if possible. More people to enjoy the party so to speak. It was an intelligent ploy by Figo to get the backing of the smaller nations by offering a potential World Cup spot.

However, many will argue that the World Cup is already drawn out long enough, having expanded from 24 to 32 teams not so long ago. Arguments have already been held that there are too many minnows currently participating and the competitiveness of the tournament will only decrease further if Figo’s plans go ahead. Money would be the main benefactor, not the football and that is what’s wrong. Furthermore, extra teams mean additional games and that would affect clubs and players alike. They would get less recovery time at the end of the campaign and would subsequently have their pre seasons cut even shorter after the conclusion of the tournament.

Figo further insisted that the sin bin rule, used in rugby, would be tested. The idea would entail a player spending time on the sidelines when a yellow card is shown. He also promised to bring back the old offside rule, which will undoubtedly divide opinion. Such drastic changes to the rules aren’t really needed in what is the world’s most popular game and why would you feel the need to change what is already such a good thing? FIFA doesn’t require a new president to change the way football is played, they need someone to solely end corruption within its governing body and improve it’s current miserable reputation. The Portuguese is perhaps offering a package that the general public aren’t craving, as the changes are needed off the pitch, not on it.

On the topic of corruption, Figo did vow to clean up FIFA. This is certainly easier said than done and the fact that he was a great player, does not mean he will have any automatic influence over FIFA members. His reputation would count for nothing in this business and on top of that, he has only just embarked on this new career. Meaning that he has virtually no experience of running a major organization and most definitely lacks the CV on paper for the main job. Other candidates can offer more stability as well as promising to be safer options. They will hold a far better understanding of the crazy world of football politics.

The majority of football fans were seemingly unanimous in their support of Figo’s campaign to replace the controversial Sepp Blatter, but unfortunately many will struggle to get behind these visions he has expressed. His manifesto seems to provide too many new ideas and innovations, rather than aiming the majority of his efforts on solving an organization in turmoil. FIFA needs to be slowly cleaned of the commonplace corruption, it’s been associated with for far too long. His ideas weren’t compliant with the fans views and many will strongly oppose them. Sepp Blatter needs to be ousted and hopefully as soon as possible. Although be careful what you wish for is the message unwillingly portrayed here by the great Luis Figo.