Opinion: What Chelsea Need To Do In The Summer Transfer Window?

Chelsea had a very successful summer window in the year 2014 where they signed Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa, Filipe Luis and Didier Drogba. This is the reason why their season so far was so successful and also in the January window Chelsea signed Juan Cuadrado. Chelsea’s squad this season is amazing and has the potential to do great things but every coin has two sides likewise this Chelsea squad has weaknesses too which can be exploited in the near future and also some player in the squad are old and need potential replacements as soon as possible. And hence to tackle some problems in the future and make the team even more stronger here’s what Chelsea need to do in the upcoming transfer window.

Sign A Young World Class Center Back

Raphael Varane
Raphael Varane

John Terry was Chelsea’s main defenders for almost a decade and now his career is reaching its twilight and we cannot expect him to perform on top level in the coming season because of his age which is why Chelsea would need a young and world class center back in order to fill the boots of John Terry. There aren’t many young defenders available in the market hence it will be a very difficult task for Jose to find replacement of John Terry. Only defender who is under Chelsea’s radar is Real Madrid’s French world beater Raphael Varane who recently penned a new deal with the Los Blancos until 2019. Other defenders who have the potential to replace Terry are Matts Hummel, Laporte and John Stones but even these players will not be easy to get.

Sign A Versatile Veteran Midfielder For Squad Rotation

Sami Khedira
Sami Khedira

Chelsea’s only weakness this season is the lack of a backup influential figure in the midfield. And this weakness has been exploited on many occasions in the absence of either Fabregas or Matic. Chelsea do have two back up midfielder and they are Ramires and Mikel but none of them is good enough to start a game against a tough opponent hence Chelsea should sign an experienced veteran midfielder or a squad rotation player. For the upcoming window some world class midfielders like Khedira, and James Milner will be available on free transfer and Chelsea should take the advantage of this scenario and sign any one of team. Khedira has been linked to Chelsea since past two transfer windows and chances of him agreeing terms with Chelsea are quiet high.

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