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Opinion: Is It The End Of The Road For This Arsenal Star?

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Another Arsenal player involved in yet another smoking saga, sadly it is a repeat offender with Jack Wilshere having been snapped emerging from a nightclub while he was holding a sheesha, granted this is not as bad as being seen holding a cigarette but this is the third time he has been caught by Arsenal and even though he has been reprimanded before and has apologized for the same, it just might be time for Arsene Wenger to think about cutting his losses and moving on with regards to the English midfielder.


Talented? Yes but a Role model? No

Wilshere without doubt has a lot of talent but has not played for the club since injuring his ankle in mid November, he took to instagram about this recent issue in which he was shown working extra hard during training and was quoted.

“Worry about your character not your reputation, because your character is who you are and your reputation is only what people who don’t know you think about you!”

Although this might work in curtailing the current issue, it has not been the first time the player has been embroiled in such a situation and he was even quoted as not being a good role model for his children as they have seen him smoke, on an earlier transgression he was quoted as saying.

“I have kids myself and I don’t want them growing up to think their dad smokes and it is OK for a footballer to smoke, because it’s not. It is unacceptable and I will accept the consequences and I will move on.”

While the midfielder is still recovering from an injury, he has not been at his best this season or the Gunners and has often been caught out while playing against other teams, Arsenal however have been on a bit of a roll in the Premier League and have been looking really good in midfield especially due to the rise of the young defensive midfielder Francis Coquelin, who seems to be every bit the player Arsenal have wanted in midfield over all these years.

Wilshere is only 23 years old and while he might be one of the best midfielders in England, he might not be the best midfielder currently at Arsenal based on form. He does need to work on his off field issues with Arsene Wenger getting annoyed since it can only be so many times a player says sorry, they must start acting and showing their remorse over actions as well, the end may not be near for Wilshere as a footballer but as an Arsenal player? Who knows?