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Opinion: What Changes Would Mourinho Bring To Manchester United If He Signs?

Last week it was revealed Manchester United have held talks with representatives of  former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. Current manager Louis Van Gaal now looks expected to leave at the end of the season. Recent performances haven’t been good enough and the United hierarchy are looking to make a change.

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

But what changes would Mourinho make at United? One of the potential changes he could make is the future of Juan Mata. The Spanish midfielder is a fan favourite and United’s most creative player, there is no doubt in United’s fans’ mind that Mata should 100% stay at United, his recent performances in his favourite number ten position have highlighted how good of a player he is and how important he is to this United team. Many United fans have reservations over Mourinho taking over at Old Trafford, and this is one of the main reasons why.

Mourinho is known as a strict manager – in many ways similar to Louis Van Gaal. They have similar styles of play and have both been questioned about playing defensive football. The United faithful have made their feelings clear this season over Van Gaal’s style of football – do they really want another manager who is similar to Van Gaal?

Mourinho has always been a divisive figure throughout his career, he seems to bring controversy with him wherever he goes. The United hierarchy will surely warn his against this if he does come to Old Trafford. United have always been a proud club with their certain style and approach – something Mourinho doesn’t fit into. Are they really going to risk that for a controversial manager who has attracted some negative attention over the years.

Manchester United have gone almost three years without a trophy, if Mourinho does come in, he would need to be a guarantee of trophies – but is he? This season with Chelsea we have seen a complete breakdown between Mourinho and his players. They didn’t seem to want to play for him anymore but this isn’t the first time we have heard that. A  similar situation occurred during Mourinho’s spell at Real Madrid, he publicly fell out with big-name players such as Ronaldo, Casillas and Sergio Ramos.

Mourinho has never stayed longer than three seasons at a club which is not something United will like. Mourinho would want to come to Old Trafford and win trophies – it’s that simple. He needs to prove that can help bring back the glory days to Manchester United – but without the baggage.

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