Online broadcasts and live betting

Before the spread of the Internet, bets on an event in real time were accepted by bookmakers by phone. During the conversation, the odds changed several times. Deciding on a bet was difficult and not always profitable. has become a pioneer in accepting Live bets on popular events. She began to buy the rights to broadcast top competitions, providing her betters with free access to them.

Today, real-time bets are accepted by all bookmakers. Only Parimatch has the highest odds, low margins and a wide range of odds.

Pros and Cons of Live Betting

It is profitable to bet before the match and watching it. It’s a completely different betting experience. Prematch is understandable by prediction based on weighted analysis. It is more exciting and more interesting to make live bets in Parimatch. Experts highlight the advantages of this type of betting:

  • Get quick money. The result is known immediately, and not after a couple of hours, or even days.
  • View game. It is difficult to predict the mood of the favorite team in advance. From the first minutes of the match, it is clear that today is not the right time to win. It is easier to change the favorite for betting in live.
  • Increased odds. Sometimes the score remains dry for tens of minutes after the starting whistle. And the longer the first goal is expected, the higher the odds for it.
  • Overlap rate. Live bets are available on opposite outcomes with the same odds. A win on another offsets a loss on one bet.

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This method also has certain disadvantages

  • Low odds. In life, many bookmakers lay a margin of about 10%. Parimatch differs from them by the lowest level of its profit.
  • Weak line. Unlike others, BC Parimatch is constantly expanding its line of live bets. All top events do not go unnoticed.
  • Time limitation. There is practically no opportunity for a better to think about the appropriateness of the bet. 30 seconds of delay is often worth a high (odds).
  • High passion. Watching the game causes an adrenaline rush. The fan gives in to emotions, ceases to control himself, makes rash decisions, makes impulsive bets. The risk of losing large sums increases.
  • Better chooses the best option for himself. For some, pre-match is more suitable, while others like to bet live.

Live betting vs pre-match betting

Pre-match betting involves betting on predetermined odds before the event starts, while live betting takes place when the action takes place.

Although both are achieved in much the same way, there are a few subtle differences between the two from both the player’s and the bookie’s perspective.

For example, predetermined odds consist of statistics from previous events and recorded form, while real-time odds are based on actual events and real-time events.

Similarly, from the point of view of the player making a choice, he usually uses the collected data and statistics to make a choice.

But when betting during a game, players must act quickly and have much less time to think and plan; if their agenda does not include execution of planned strategic bets on contingencies in the event of certain events.

What sports can players bet on in the game?

On all the best betting sites in Ukraine, you will find that real-time betting markets are open for almost every sport you can imagine. You can even find live and live odds for shows like Britain’s Got Talent final or Eurovision Song Contest.

The more popular sports such as football, tennis, golf, snooker and darts will have more in-game betting opportunities than less common events such as athletics or pool. Mostly, though, it’s likely that prices on most of your favorite sports will be available during the game.

Live bet placement

Placing a Live bet is no more difficult than placing a bet at the start of an event. The process may be a little different for you, because when you place bets during a game, you are affected by real-time events. But investing in your choice while playing is simple.

Once you’ve decided, put it in your book, back it with a bet you’re comfortable with (remember, never bet more than you can afford to lose), and place your bet.

Questions and answers

How to make profitable bets?

You have to play smart. Betters have developed many strategies for different sports. They are equally effective and non-working.

Not suitable for everyone. You don’t have to try every strategy. It is better to pick 1-2 for yourself and enjoy the game.

What to bet on?

For live betting, it is better to take your favorite sports. This makes it easier to predict the situation and more pleasant to watch the match. To bet, it is important to turn off emotions. Yes, I want to believe in the victory of my favorite team.

Realizing the situation will not let you lose your head and make rash decisions. Judgment and expert opinion should be above irrationality.

Written by Balachandran B

Co-founder & Head of Operations @ SoccerSouls Sports Network. Nick Name: Jin. Favorite Sports team: Arsenal
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