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Not Fit For Mourinho’s Style – Why Moving To Turkey Is The Best For This Manchester United Superstar

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Bastian Schweinsteiger could start on bench in his first official game for Manchester United

The enigma that is Bastian Schweinsteiger somehow managed to get into the Euro 2016 squad for Germany, though everyone knows he had a rather poor season for Manchester United in his first season in England. The 31-year-old moved from German champions Bayern Munich to the Premier League side, but he would not have expected not to have played such a few number of games or even performed so poorly in most of them.

There were serious doubts when he did sign for then manager, Louis van Gaal’s side and it seems that he could now be on his way out of the club as new manager, Jose Mourinho seems set to make a raft of changes at the Manchester club.

It was pretty evident from most of the games in which Bastian starred that he was not quick enough to play in the Premier League and it could be time for him to think about leaving Old Trafford as well. He isn’t someone who would enjoy staying on the bench and certainly Manchester United and Jose Mourinho would not want to keep someone on their bench who cannot provide a lot to the first team whenever he does get a chance to shine.

There might be one place for Bastian to move to and a league where a lot of ex-Premier League stars find a new lease on life, the Turkish League.

The likes of Robin van Persie and even Dirk Kuyt have found resurgence in their career after they made the move to Turkey and even Bastian might find some solace in playing in a league which isn’t minutely discussed every day.

The Turkish league isn’t for the faint hearted though as it has a lot of blood and thunder games and rivalries which are some of the biggest in Europe, even Raul Meireles has starred in Turkey and he was no wannabe star to have gone to the country.

There is one good thing for Bastian in moving to Turkey is that he will have the best of clubs wanting to sign him. There is no doubt that he can still provide a lot to the clubs in the country and moving their might just give him a few more years in the top leagues. Bastian isn’t done yet but for now, he does seem to be a bit out of place in the Premier League and move away to the Turkish League might just be the perfect way to show that he still has game.