No Wonder People Say You Are daft”, Says Tevez On Balotelli In Man City’s Video Advent

Mario Balotelli, started off Man City’s video advent calendar with a Christmas cracker tug of war which was released by Manchester City’s official you tube channel. The Italian enjoyed the trinkets contained within the traditional table gifts and eventually reads a joke from one of the crackers.

This time Balotelli was joined by the Argentinian forward Carlos Tevez who helped Mario wrap up Christmas gifts

In the end of the video, Tevez says that probably everyone has wanted to say to Mario over the years.

“But Mario, use your head a bit,” Tevez says. “No wonder people say you are daft.”

“I’m not daft. Look, it’s difficult,” Mario concludes. We don’t get to see his finished product, though. Probably because it somehow exploded.

Written by Dinesh V

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