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No Sterling, Mane Or Sanchez: Top 5 Dribblers In The Premier League Featuring C.Palace Duo And Bournemouth Ace

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Top 5 Dribblers In The Premier League This Season So Far

Ask a veteran football fan what they miss the most about the game, and their answer will be – dribbling. It is often touted as a dying art but there are still several players in the Premier League who are capable of going past their man much easily than others.

With managers becoming less willing to allow midfielders – and even forwards to an extent, dribble with the ball, spectators are getting to see a lot lesser of the fine skill. The managers’ fears are warranted though, since too much dribbling does bring about the risk of getting caught on the counter-attack. Players who dribble and manage to go past their opponent with a high success-rate are rare and extraordinary. However, there are few players who stand out in terms of their dribbling skills in the league, and lets take a look at some stats up to gameweek 7, to determine who comes out on top.

1. Andros Townsend – Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace catapulted to a shock victory against Chelsea, but their performances prior to that were majorly disappointing. In terms of dribbling though, Andros Townsend has emerged on top for the club. He has successfully completed 24 successful dribbles out of 30, pushing him to the top spot with a staggering 80% success-rate.

2. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – Liverpool

Chastised endlessly for his lacklustre performances on the field, Chamberlain has still managed to come out on top as far as dribbling is concerned. He has completed 17 out of his 21 dribbles, while enjoying a success rate of 81% but he still comes in second, since Townsend took on more challenges.

3. Ruben Loftus-Cheek – Crystal Palace

Standing close to Chamberlain is another Crystal Palace player. Ruben Loftus-Cheek has completed 17 out of his 23 dribbles so far this season, paving way for a 73.9% success rate. He has been quite beneficial for the club since he joining, and Loftus-Cheek will be hoping to continue with it.

4. Joshua King – Bournemouth

The Bournemouth hitman features on the list as well. Despite being a stunning goal-scorer, King has also completed a significant number of dribbles so far. He has succeeded in 17 out of 29, with a 58.6% sucess-rate to denote his efforts.

5. Nathan Redmond – Southampton

Southampton’s clinical youngster Nathan Redmond completes the list. The player, once adjudged a bright talent, did see a decline in his form but he is seemingly close to regaining his lost glory. He has completed 16 out of 21 of his dribbles, meaning 76.2% of his efforts were successful.