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No Sacking Yet! Chelsea Boss Talks About His Situation At Stamford Bridge


Manager José Mourinho has admitted himself that the Blues’ current results are the worst ones in his career till now, though he has clearly denied that he is under pressure to perform, after losing 3-1 at Goodison Park to Everton. After the game the Portuguese boss spoke at a press conference and stated, “Pressure is being a refugee. I enjoy my job, it is a pleasure and an honour to be in charge of Chelsea, even if the results are the worst of my career. I am not feeling pressure. The results are not adapted to my quality and my status but I am coping well with the situation. I am the best man for the job. I don’t think there is a better man to come in and do it.”

With three defeats in five games, the west London side just have four points to their name, with 12 goals being conceded by them already.

Things are not getting any better with Belgian international Thibaut Courtois out for a few months, which has weakened the defensive side of things as well.

Mourinho further added, “We need to improve a lot, I don’t know if we can still win the title but I know we can win against Arsenal next week. We need to win a couple of consecutive matches, we need to get our confidence back. We need the players to smile again and we need the central defenders to stop making mistakes. It is not easy to play football when your confidence is low. We are a team playing with doubts, because of the bad results we have had and because everything is going against us. I agree we are making mistakes, but at the moment it seems every mistake we make is getting punished.”

“We deserved a better result at Everton, and after coming back from two goals down we were controlling the second half, then the first time they crossed the halfway line they scored another. We need to return to the way we were when we beat Everton 6-3 last season. When you are winning like that you play with confidence and create lots of clear chances. That is not happening for us at the moment and we need to get it back. Once we get a couple of wins we can look at the overall situation, it depends on us.”