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No More Domination – 3 Reasons Why Chelsea’s Golden Years Are All Gone

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Chelsea 1-2 Crystal Palace

Jose Mourinho getting sacked once again was a full circle for Chelsea FC as they brought the Portuguese to not only bring some stability to the club but also ensure that they end up winning titles.

Mourinho did the latter perfectly as he won the Premier League crown in his second season in his second stint but there wasn’t even a hint of stability with the shenanigans he pulled off at the start of this season and more so with the team’s performance which saw them limp in the lower trenches of the table.

Guus Hiddink might have steadied the ship but all is lost now, Chelsea has nothing to play for and well, the only thing they could do till the end of this season would be to ensure that they somehow finish in the European places, even the Europa League spots seem extremely hard for them to reach.

While that was the issue of the coaching staff, John Terry, one of the longest serving Chelsea players could also be on his way out of the club and well that certainly will hit Chelsea fans in the wrong spot.

Chelsea aren’t anywhere close to the English powerhouses they once were and with the rise of other clubs looking to usurp the fallen kings – Liverpool as well – here are three reasons to suggest Chelsea’s golden age might be all gone.

No more Special one

Everyone remembers how happy they were to see Jose Mourinho back in the saddle after stints in Italy and Spain where he did achieve success, in fact, he did the unbelievable with Inter Milan as he won the treble with them and the way Inter have fallen off since his departure shows just how important he was to the club.

Chelsea will never have another manager quite like Jose ever again, no two managers are the same but when he was brought in by Roman Abramovich, he was Mr. Chelsea, well that will not happen anymore. No other manager might be given as much trust and respect from the board as Jose was given in his first stint and even in his second stint.

The ability to control the team, media and owner, at least from the Portuguese manager’s point of view was excellent during his tenure here and without someone so strong in the team looking over the finer details, Chelsea are worse for wear.

A lack of crazy spending

Chelsea aren’t going to spend crazy amounts of money to bring in the top players anymore, well at least that is what was said a few months ago when the club announced they actually are making profits for the first time in a while.

While that would be a great news for all, it certainly shows that establishing the club is more important than bringing in the next big player. Chelsea haven’t really spent all that much last season and even this one, probably Juan Cuadrado is yet another mistake which the board might want to get rid of soon.

That is the problem with the Blues, they did buy many players but most of them are either out on loan or have been sold off, Romelu Lukaku is one of the ones that they lost and how they could do with them.

The club might be safe from liquidation but certainly not from becoming the best with the best players.

The lack of world-class players

The mighty do fall from grace and hard, many players were playing out of their skin a couple of seasons ago when Chelsea won the title but all that is gone and in a bad way this time around. The Blues do not seem to have quality anymore and that would be a huge problem for them.

Every single player from Eden Hazard to Thibaut Courtois has been poor this season with only Willian being the saving grace for the club and with the likes of the two Belgians mentioned earlier wanting to move away from the side, it could be a huge draw to make Chelsea competitive again.

Chelsea do not have the manager, money or players to challenge for top honours at least for the moment and unless they can fix all these issues at once, these are going to be dark days for the club.