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Nike Launches Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Boots For The Summer

Cristiano Ronaldo is already started with his preparations for the summer. True to his habit of seeking to innovative and the stylish products that is out there, , the Real Madrid star has found some new boots, while pondering on the idea of a year without the coveted Champions League title. 

The end of the search for Cristiano Ronaldo came with Nike’s CR Mercurial Vapor IX as a cherry on the cake of a collection of clothes.

The CR Mercurial Vapor IX, which proved to be the summer bet for Cristiano Ronaldo for his shoes, trying to reflect the style of “love-hate” that identifies Christiano in his sporting life. The design also promises to improve traction and speed help to those who use them. In turn, through technology All Conditions Control (ACC) works in the control of ball when weather conditions are a factor.

Ronaldo boots cleats

Ronaldo boots cleats

 On one side are those who idolize him for his football, on the other, those who see him as a cocky figure. However, for CR7 having a different collection each summer must have been a motto during his journey in football.