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Newly Licensed Canadian Bookmaker Helps Pro Soccer Team Secure Economic Stability

Betano has recently been on a streak of sponsorships, sponsoring pro soccer teams all over the world.

And with its recent entry into the Canadian market, the European bookie is pulling the trigger and it’s trying to support even more teams to make a name for themselves in Canada.

In fact, has a very solid but unique marketing strategy. They sponsor pro soccer teams around the world, even smaller ones, to gain credibility and authority with bettors around the world.

Online betting is always thrilling, and it’s more so when you win by placing bets on your favourite teams, however, there is one big issue with online bookies. That problem is security and safety. Unlike their physical counterpart, online bookies can be shady businesses sometimes as some of them are known for limiting accounts if you win too much or simply taking too long to cash-out and ultimately refusing to give you your winnings.

Because of this bad reputation, online bookies are trying their hardest to invest in marketing campaigns to ensure their brand image stays intact and that their customers see them as trustworthy.

Betano is one of the big guys in the industry, however, it is not as popular as the giants in the gambling industry. That’s exactly why they are sponsoring pro soccer teams to increase their reach and to be perceived as a safe business. 

As we mentioned earlier, Betano has been on a sponsorship-spree lately as they’ve sponsored teams like FC Porto and FC Fluminense. 

Now Betano is back with one more sponsorship to help the once-struggling FC Viktoria Plzen team from the Czech Republic.

This one is also important because it’s the first sponsorship that Betano has ever had in the Czech League Championship. 

The soccer club will be supported financially by Betano, and Julio Iglesias Hernando (Business Director of Kaizen Gaming) said: ‘’Supporting sports and supporting individuals and teams who write exceptional sports stories has been a key pillar of our strategy at Kaizen Gaming from the beginning.’’ He continued: ‘’When deciding on our first partnership agreement in the Czech Republic, FC Viktoria Plzen was a clear choice for us. Viktoria is not only the reigning champion now, but also one of the most successful clubs in the country in the last ten years.’’ 

‘’The final and decisive factor was meeting the people of the club. That’s when we realized that both our teams share the same passion for football and that means our collaboration does not start and end with the signing of a contract but goes much deeper. We look forward to winning more games together on and off the pitch.’’

Betano has always been supportive of pro soccer teams and their financial help through sponsorships not only improves Betano’s brand image but it also helps these teams and the whole country’s sports industry improve and move forward.

Adolf Sadek, the owner of FC Viktor Plzen, added to Betano’s words: ‘’Firstly, it is an honor for us to join the imaginary family of clubs of such importance as Porto, Benfica, and other great teams with a great history. Viktoria wants to present itself as a European club on the pitch and in the business and marketing arena and this connection brings us closer to this goal.’’ He continues: ‘’At the same time, this partnership is an important moment for us in terms of ensuring the economic stability of the club. This is fundamental and long-term cooperation that I value the most, as well as the partner’s wish to further develop our cooperation in the future.’’

What Does This Partnership Means For Canadian Bettors?

Now your question might be: ‘’How does this affect me in Canada?’’

For starters, this is a clear indication that Betano is very serious about its goals and they’re doing everything it can to support the sports industry as a whole while also positioning itself as the market leader for online bookmakers. Also, Betano has made it clear that these same partnerships are coming to Canada too, as they already have plans to do so.

In the next few months you’ll probably start seeing Betano everywhere in Canada, as they’ve only recently entered the regulated Canadian gaming market and their marketing campaign is just starting. 

Final Thoughts

We appreciate that Betano isn’t just focussing on the bigger teams to increase their reach but they’re also helping smaller leagues and teams around the globe by supporting them financially. Naturally, Betano will get a lot of publicity from this sponsorship as Kaizen Gaming is still a business that focuses on profit, but it’s a good thing that Betano is fully focussing on gaining trust from its future customers in Canada.