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New Daily Pick 6 Soccer Predictions Game Launches

Here’s a new twist on sports betting that is proving rather popular, Prediction Betting.

The team at FanBet have built a Soccer Predictions Game as an experiment to find out if a bettor would win more on average if they placed picks without knowing the odds.

The game works as follows.

Each day you get 1,000 free credits to bet with. You select results from 6 football games without seeing the odds. You then add your bets where you can see the odds and FanBet tracks your winning percentage and betting returns.

The idea is to understand if displaying odds is better or worse for your betting strategy.

We all know that bookmakers try load odds on certain games to encourage bets against the probable result. Often times we are enticed into changing our bets because we perceive there to be better value.

FanBet is simply trying to get data on a “pick first then bet” strategy. The game does not cost you anything to play and you can win cool rewards for your trophy cabinet and a weekly cash prize if you top the leader board.

What can you bet on?

The majority of soccer games are from the Premier League but La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A etc are also included when big matchups feature.

The game runs 7 days a week and prize money is awarded every Monday to the winner via PayPal.

If you miss a few days betting your daily credits will carry over, so even if you are away you have a good chance of playing catch-up on the leader board. The advantage of course in playing daily is that FanBet rewards 4 or more correct picks with ACCA style bonuses, a nice touch to boost your bankroll.

What devices to play on

The game is best enjoyed on your mobile phone, but you can also play on desktop, laptop or tablet.

The simple user interface is much like a traditional bookmaker so if you have ever placed a bet online, you’ll be instantly familiar with the setup. If you are new to sports betting then FanBet is a great way to familiarise yourself without the risk of financial loss and to perhaps learn a more profitable way to place a bet, time will tell.

To get started and try Prediction Betting for yourself go to https://www.fanbet.com/pick6 and signup for free today.

You will get instant access to the game and can start making predictions and adding a little more excitement to daily soccer matches.






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