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Needs and Wants: Part 1 – Bundesliga

First I will start by defining both needs and wants.

  1. Need– something you have to have.
  2. Want -something you would like to have.

Now let us relate this to the top European clubs. Every club has their own needs & wants to achieve their goals. Here in this article, let us look into the needs & wants of two German giants – Bayern Munich and Borrusia Dortmond.


Borrussia Dortmund:

BVB proved that they are not a wildcard champions like Werder Bremen or Wolfsburg in the past by winning the league for second time in a row. Their triumph in DFB cub with a 5-2 demolition of Bayern Munich added a jewel to the crown. But the fans were bit concerned after the departures of Kawaga and Barrios. Let’s discuss their needs and wants for this season.



  1. Marco Reus Performance: BVB signed Reus for a club record transfer fee to replace Kawaga who left for Manchester United. His style is different from Kawaga’s playing style but his performance will be vital for BVB’s title defense.  Who knows? If he can show the form he showed for his country against Greece in Euros at BVB, he will be an instant hit and his partnership with Goetze will make a formidable attacking lineup. Watch out B.Munich!!!
  2. Infrastructure:  BVB need to improve their infrastructure (stadium, training facilities etc…) if they wanted to dethrone Bayern Munich as German super powerhouse. The situation looks promising as the club management announced that money got from Kawaga’s transfer will be used to improve club’s infrastructure.


  1. A decent run in champion’s league:  Last season BVB chocked up in champions league and finished 4th in their group. They may lack in experience, but the German champs could have done better.  They must learn to vary their game play more often in Europe and be ready to play ugly to grind results in champion’s league.
  2. Keeping Robert Lewandowski:  BVB have to keep Lewandowski. They cannot afford losing another star for financial reasons. With many premier league clubs interested him, BVB need to put a heavy price tag on him to scare of the bidders.

Bayern Munich:

“Disappointment” is the word to describe their last season as they came second best in all competition. Heart breaks at DFB cup final, champion’s league final and Euros would have left the Bayern players devastated. Can they bounce back? Let’s see what their needs & wants.

Bayern Munich



  1. Solid Defense: We all know that Bayern’s attacking lineup is one of the best with the likes of Gomez, Rbery and Robben. They have a balanced midfield too. What they surely lack is a good defense. Other than Lahm all other players looks average. They need to signs some strong central defensive this transfer window.
  2. Dortmond Jinx: They definitely need find a way to break Dortmund jinx. They lost four in a row in the league to BVB. So beating BVB will be very crucial when both league title and team morals are concerned.


  1. Cup hunting: BVB are still the favorites to win the Bundesliga but Bayern have to end their two year trophy drought by at least winning the domestic cups this time.
  2. Game play: Need to change their slow tempo passing game when required. There must be a plan B. They had no answers for Dortmund’s lightning counter attacks in last few meetings.  So they have to execute the art of counter attacking football at least when the situation demands.

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In part 2, we will discuss about the needs and wants of top Italian clubs.