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Mistakes Made? 3 Players That Manchester United Shouldn’t Have Sold After Ferguson Retired

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“Manchester United are in a state of transition” Manchester United’s manager Louis van Gaal said this in an interview when asked about the poor performance of the team throughout the season. The Dutch managers spend more the 250 million in order to make Manchester United a European heavyweight, but that never happened.

Van Gaal completely transformed Manchester United by selling their experienced players and bringing some new faces in the squad. A change was necessary, because after a disastrous season under David Moyes, players lost confidence. Some big names were introduced in the squad like Angel Di Maria, Falcao, Daley Blind and what not.

Fast forward, in the recent season that past, the team was one of the worst sides in front of the goal. Call it injuries or whatever, the team never looked like a threat. They ended the season with the highest percentage of possession to their name, and that is not something to be very proud of.

Alex Ferguson won the league in 2012-13 season with the same squad that Moyes had. The Scottish manager decided to go with the same squad the following season, but the results were very reluctant. And after van Gaal’s arrival, many fan favourites left the squad in order to peruse their career in the sport.

So here, we list 3 players that Manchester United shouldn’t have sold-

  1. Rafael-


Remember the Brazilian full back who scored a screamer against QPR in the 2012-13 season. Well, he was considered as one of the best defenders at that time. Yes, he had a poor season under David Moyes, but you cannot blame a single player for that downturn in form.

With Louis van Gaal coming to Manchester United, Rafael found himself lagging behind in the Dutch man’s philosophy. Rafael went on to join the French side Lyon on a four year deal. His sale was obviously an illogical approach by the manager, and looking at the struggles that Manchester United are facing in the full back position, it is fair to say that Rafael’s departure did hurt the team some way or the other.

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