A Mistake By Mourinho? 3 Reasons Why The Manchester United Manager Should Give A Chance To This Midfielder

When Bastian Schweinsteiger signed for Manchester United in 2015, opinions were divided as to what he would bring to the side given that he was over 30 years of age. There was no doubt that the German was one of the best players of his generation but shifting to a new league in this stage of his career and then adapting to it would have been a problem for him.

United paid just €9 million, which seemed like a bargain at the time due to the vast experience Schweinsteiger had and the fact that Manchester United needed some stability in the heart of midfield under Louis van Gaal but the Dutch manager too could not play the German due to injuries and then due to a lack of form.

Jose Mourinho came in at the start of the season and even though Bastian was excited at the proposition of the Portuguese taking over affairs at the club, the German World Cup winner has not played for United this season and seems to be on his way out.

While United do have the likes of Paul Pogba and Ander Herrera in the side, they could do with a bit of German stability in the team. Schweinsteiger might have stated that this is his last European club and for all that, here are three reasons why Jose Mourinho should give Bastian a chance.

Experience in the heart of midfield

Paul Pogba might be the star in the Manchester United side at the moment, or at least in the midfield but the Frenchman hasn’t played as many games or has been in as many tough situations as Bastian Schweinsteiger has. In fact, Pogba played in a star-studded Juventus team that dominated the Serie A for years.

The pairing of Pogba and Bastian would work out really well as the German, who has 566 games under his belt would be a great calming influence on the side and would certainly know what to do and when.

Sure, he might not have the pace that he once had but that should not be a reason to drop him. In a side which lacks a lot of experience, apart from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Bastian could work out great in tough games.

A player who can cover the defence

Bastian might not be the tough tackling midfielder he once was but he still has a lot of defensive qualities and Jose Mourinho could use him as cover for his defence this season.

The 32-year-old still has  a great footballing brain and will be able to make a lot of interceptions and organise the defence better than the likes of Morgan Schneiderlin or even Marouane Fellaini (don’t even know why he still is playing in the side).

The German would not be able to play every game for sure but using him in the cup competitions should help him and give United quality in all the games throughout the season.

Leadership in the side

While Bastian isn’t the captain of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney is at the moment, the German could be seen as someone who can keep the side going in the hard and tough games. Roy Keane used to do that for the side in the 90s and the former Bayern Munich player should be used in a similar role as well.

The fact that Manchester United have the Europa League to navigate and the various cup games would mean a lot of youngsters could be given a chance to perform and playing Bastian in these games will certainly make a lot of sense.

It is a surprise that United have not used him yet and it is a sorry state that Bastian is in right now.

Written by Kevin Harrison

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