Matthijs de Ligt Girlfriend AnneKee Molenaar Wiki 2022- Age, Net Worth, Career, Kids, Family and more

Who Is AnneKee Molenaar? Meet The Girlfriend Of Matthijs de Ligt

AnneKee Molenaar is famous for being the girlfriend of Juventus star Matthijs de Ligt. Read on to learn more about her nationality, net worth, facts and family.

AnneKee comes from a football crazy family. His father and brother are all involved with the beautiful sport. That might have made a sensational match with her boyfriend. Well, her family shouldn’t have any problem giving their daughter’s hand to a footballer! Jokes aside, the Dutch beauty has been dating De Ligt for a long time. However, the Juventus star had been in a lot of relationships.

That’s why whether their relationship passes the test of time is a big question. Matthijs has become one of the best defenders of the world in the last few years. He achieved incredible feats with Ajax and he is currently wreaking havoc in Italy with Juventus. However, his love life still remains a mystery for many fans. Today we are going to discuss many interesting facts about the intriguing lifestyle of the Girlfriend Of Matthijs de Ligt. So follow along!                                                                                         

AnneKee Molenaar Facts & Wiki

BirthdaySeptember 14, 1999
Place of BirthZaandam, Netherlands
Partner Matthijs de Ligt
JobProfessional Model   
Height178cm (5’10”)
Sister / BrotherJip Molenaar
Father & MotherKees ‘Keje’ Molenaar and Christiane Zillikens
Hair ColourBlonde 
Eye ColourDark 
Net Worth (approx.)N.A

AnneKee Molenaar Childhood and Family 

AnneKee was born on September 14, 1999. She comes from a family of football lovers. Her father, Kees ‘Keje’ Molenaar, was a football player and played with many Dutch teams. Even though we currently don’t have much information about her mother, Christiane Zillikens, we believe she is a housewife. Her brother, Jip Molenaar plays in the centre back position for Dutch team FC Volendam U21. We are now unsure whether AnneKee was also interested in a football career. But we wouldn’t be much surprised if she had such a desire.                                                           

AnneKee's whole family loves football. (Picture Credit: Tweitter)
AnneKee’s whole family loves football. (Picture Credit: Twitter)

AnneKee Molenaar Education

AnneKee went to a local high school in her neighbourhood. Right after her high school finished, she enrolled on a University programme. However, due to the lack of information, we currently don’t know in which university she studied and her major. We are still investigating the matter and will update the article if we find new data.                                         

AnneKee Molenaar career 

AnneKee has earned massive success in the modelling world. She started her journey at a young age and made the breakthrough through her incredible catwalk skills. She focuses a lot on maintaining a top-notch figure. She has featured in many famous magazines, including F-magazine and Vogue. 

AnneKee also has a large Instagram audience. We are uncertain whether she has started monetizing her online presence. But we believe she has a significant opportunity in the social media industry. After the lockdown, the sector has seen considerable growth, and with positive contents, the Dutch lady can accumulate a handsome sum.                       

AnneKee is a professional model. (Credit: Marca)
AnneKee is a professional model. (Credit: Marca)

AnneKee Molenaar Net Worth 

AnneKee’s net worth is currently under review. Calculating her net worth has become problematic as we couldn’t fetch the exact number of her earnings. But as we know, she had a successful career in the modelling industry, that’s why we believe she has a prominent figure in her bank account. 

Matthijs de Ligt has a net worth of $9 million, primarily representing his professional contracts earnings. With that kind of money, the duo certainly enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.                                 

AnneKee Molenaar and Matthijs de Ligt relationship

Matthijs de Ligt started dating her girlfriend in 2018. We currently don’t know how or where they met. However, we believe, after their first meeting, the duo knew that they were made for each other. They eventually started dating together and found many interesting facts about each other. Even though they share a healthy relationship now, she is not the first love of the Juventus star. Despite his young age, the central defender has been into many relationships. However, all of them ended with bitter separations. We believe their current relationship has great potential to flourish. We are uncertain whether de Ligt is planning to make the big step of proposing to her. Well, they are very young, so they might consider taking additional time before tying the knot.                                  

Matthijs de Ligt met with his girlfriend in 2018. (Picture was taken from SportMob)
Matthijs de Ligt met with his girlfriend in 2018. (Picture was taken from SportMob)

AnneKee Molenaar and Matthijs de Ligt Children  

The duo doesn’t have any children at this point. They are very young, and both remain very busy due to their careers. That’s why welcoming a child might not be in their short-term plan. However, they have two beautiful dogs that they believe are part of their family. They have named their dogs Cara Luna and Bella.     

AnneKee Molenaar Social media 

AnneKee is very famous on social media platforms. She currently has 465k followers on Instagram, and her fanbase is continuously growing. She mostly posts beautiful pictures of herself, and sometimes he posts images with her boyfriend and her dogs. She spends a lot of time exercising, so she also posts snaps from her workout hours.              

Matthijs de Ligt hasn't yet proposed to her girlfriend. (Picture was taken from
Matthijs de Ligt hasn’t yet proposed to her girlfriend. (Picture was taken from

FAQs about AnneKee Molenaar

When did AnneKee Molenaar and Matthijs de Ligt get married?
They are yet to get married.  
What is AnneKee Molenaar doing now?
She is a model.   
How old is AnneKee Molenaar?
She is 22 years old. 
Nationality of AnneKee Molenaar?
She is Dutch. 
What is AnneKee Molenaar’s net worth?
Her net worth is unknown. 

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