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Markets the Premier League Can Utilise To Expand Its Off-Pitch Presence 

The Premier League is not only one of the most popular domestic football leagues in football but is also a major player in the world of entertainment off the field.

Popular TV series like Ted Lasso are based on the Premier League. We have now seen clubs from the English top flight also featuring in the All or Nothing series of documentaries covered on Amazon. So, just how versatile has the Premier League become in the world of entertainment, and what other areas of entertainment could the Premier League excel in, moving forwards?

Could Football Tap Into The Online Gaming Genre?

In the digital era, it’s possible to globalise brands instantly, thanks to the widespread availability of the internet and booming smartphone access across territories. It’s perhaps no surprise then that so many franchises seek to spread their brand far and wide with ludicrous partnerships and merchandising deals.

In particular, when it comes to the casino and gaming sectors of the entertainment industry, there seems to be a huge market waiting to be tapped into by the Premier League. We know that there are thousands of games inspired by sports, such as hockey, horse racing, basketball and even sumo wrestling. Meanwhile, games like Football Studio and Top Trumps on  cater to football fans. But where is the official representation? Other franchises, such as WWE and NFL, have found their footing in online slot games and achieved great success in the online gambling industry.

This is a productive merchandising venture, and yet, as it stands, there is no Premier League slot game. Is the top-tier flight missing a trick, here?

All or Nothing Amazon Series

The All or Nothing series on Amazon started out covering American and Canadian franchises such as the Carolina Panthers and the Toronto Maple Leafs. In recent years they’ve covered the Premier League, with Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, and most recently, Arsenal letting the Amazon camera crews inside their dressing and board rooms.

More Premier League clubs are waiting to be covered by Amazon. To date, Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea are yet to go down this route, meaning there is scope for even more of these documentaries. Then there are the emerging sides like Newcastle United, who could be huge players in a few years.

FIFA Football Video Game

Moving further afield than the Premier League, the FIFA football video game is a prime example of how football markets itself successfully. Could this be a market the Premier League cashes in on?

Produced by EA Sports, the FIFA Football video game has been a huge marketing success story that’s seen over 300 copies of the game sold worldwide since 1993.

Earlier this year, FIFA and EA Sports announced an end to their partnership. FIFA immediately signalled their intent to partner with another provider to enable them to develop the real game that has the FIFA name.

It has been reported that the two entities couldn’t agree on a deal to keep FIFA’s name on the game. The conclusion? EA Sports will now produce a similar product known as EA Sports FC. FIFA also announced they would produce an authentic football video game based on their brand.

In short, the two sides couldn’t agree on a deal and have gone their separate ways. FIFA wanted more money, but EA Sports didn’t want to pay.

S,o is this a marketing masterstroke by FIFA that will show how big football is and how it should be more in control of its destiny, or will it be a mistake, with both companies losing out in the long run? Only time will tell, and it’s a given that the Premier League will be keeping a close eye on the outcome for future reference.