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Mario Balotelli

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Mario Balotelli

Italian Newspaper Tuttosport comments on rumors that they received from the British media which states that no club is looking to keep Mario Balotelli for a long term.

According to Tuttosport, Balotelli has not managed to convince AC Milan bosses that he should stay at the club. The player has had flashes of good games, however, this was ruined by injury. Further reports suggest that AC Milan President Silvio Berlusconi has given a direct order to the manager to give Balotelli his share of last chances to improve his game.

So far the player has only made 3 goals in 18 appearances for the club. While his contract with the Reds ends in 2018, the Merseysider do not want anything to do with the player, thus, they are not interested in bringing the player into the Anfield Stadium. According to the reports from Tuttosport, Liverpool are considering rescinding the Player’s contract with the club.

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