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Mario Balotelli, Already A Victim Of Racial Abuse In Italy

No wonder he is always on the news, but this time the mistake is not on Balottelli, instead it is AC Milan’s vice president and the younger brother of Silvio Berlusconi who has racially abused Milan’s new recruit Mario Balotelli.

Speaking at a rally for Silvio Berlusconi’s ‘People of Freedom’ party, his brother, Paolo Berlusconi, was filmed calling Mario Balotelli “negretto di famiglia,” which translates to “the family’s little n****r.”.  The full quote:

“We are all off to see the family’s little n****r. He’s a crazy head. All the young ladies are invited as well – you can even have a chance to meet the president (Silvio Berlusconi).”

[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]ggQyq8tkwkw[/youtube]

The crowd who were listening to Paolo had nothing to say about this, instead it was greeted by laughter.

It’s one thing to have the freedom of your own about any individual, but it’s wrong to use media to propaganda against a race, creed and right to live life with what you have been blessed with. Maybe Burlesconi and co should stop tanning themselves to be darker before they turn into the very people they publicly hate to be associated with.

It will be interesting to see how Super Mario responds to this.