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Manchester United’s Midfield – Stupendous Stuff Without Superstars

League leaders Manchester United have enjoyed a splendid run so far this season, maintaining a good distance between the remaining clubs. Certain aspects of Sir Alex Ferguson’s team have been quite positive, proving vital for their success. A sense of unified co-ordination and direction runs through the minds of these United players, being able to perform at highest level in every single game. So let’s take a plunge into what actually strings these brilliant plays for an emphatic finish – the midfield.

United’s Latest Signing – Shinji Kagawa

Sir Alex Ferguson was delighted to see the Kagawa deal through, having formed a good impression of the young Japanese lad and determined about his future impact on the team. Previously with Dortmund, he scored 17 goals and provided 10 assists in his 38 first game appearances (2011-12) to help them achieve their desired aspirations for the season. A great play maker with a gift of scoring goals, Kagawa has been a dangerous threat to opposing teams! He provided a match winning assist to Michael Carrick in their Champions League match against Galatasaray.

Kagawa’s amazing vision and awareness of the game gives him no room for error. In his 9 appearances for United, he found the net twice and provided 3 assists. His weakness though is his less aggressive nature, with a high possibility of a long term injury. He missed 2 months at Old Trafford for twisting his knee in CL match against Braga. (3-2) Nevertheless, he might not have the superstar tag-line, but in terms of performance, he is the only piece that was missing from the puzzle.

The Perfect Two – Carrick and Cleverley

Have you ever had that satisfying feeling when you buy the perfect pair of shoes. It fits perfectly and lasts a long time, giving you amazing comfort. Manchester United have found that perfect pair – Carrick and Cleverly! You couldn’t have asked for a better balance of skill and talent. Both players compliment each other with their respective player attributes, clearly shown through each and every game this season! Tom Cleverley is the type of player, eager to get up front, makes those brilliant crosses and covers the gap back in the defense. Aggressiveness is his plus point, being able to match the standards required for the match. His dedication to the game is 100% guaranteed. He’s scored 2 important goals already and provided with 4 assists.

On the other hand, the much more experienced Michael Carrick has been in his best form this current season. His calmness throughout the game allows him to make clear cut decisions, passing the ball to the right player at the right time. His performance has generated almost 6 to 7 assists so far, with half the season still remaining. Most of United’s assists have come off from this wonderful duo.  Their performance has impressed on the international level too, both being selected for the England squad.

The midfield is what brings the team together, and with these three taking control of the game, you can expect threat levels to boost up. They’re young and in the best form of their lives. Things couldn’t get better for United. Except for a solid defender at the back, United have the perfect squad! A lot of people criticized the lack of star power. The stats speak for themselves. Can’t ask for anything else. It might not have the all star quality tag-line, but this group of players can do wonders! Wonders you couldn’t imagine!