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Manchester United: Will David Moyes Measure Up To Ferguson?

David Moyes and Alex Ferguson

Manchester United fans, both home and abroad were still basking in the euphoria of the 2oth EPL cup dealt to them by the one true legend of carrington Sir Alex Ferguson and the “LEGS” (Squad) he played during the 2012 – 2013 EPL campaign, when the news of Sir Alex Ferguson’s (Ex – Manchester United Manager) retirement broke out – Sir Alex Ferguson must be an ardent “singer” for leaving on such a “high note”. Eventhough the relationship between fans and the club, players – staffs and manager relationships were rocked, one thing is evident, despite the fact that it seemed like forever was Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign at Manchester United, nothing last forever and his name will echo into generations to come.

Sir Alex ferguson’s “good turn” that turned around Manchester United for greatness deserves “another”, but from David Moyes in whose hands the reins of managerial duty falls. Both managers are Scotts with blonde haid, and a kanck fo developing youthful prospects; which has been Manchester United’s doctrine for years. Due to his (David Moyes) trophy drought at Goodison Park, some brows were raised at David Moyes’s appointment. So the big question making rounds is: “Will David Moyes measure up to Fergie?” In terms of achievements, attitudes, manager – player relationship, and antics both off and on the pitch.

Although it is nop competition for David Moyes rather than a great privilege to succeed an epitome of success. Given the onus to continue in the light of Fergie’s legacy of glory and breed of  formidability in the team filled with exuberant spirit for victory; will hand Manchester United trophies before six years that Fergie spent to earn a trophy, that’s no yardstick for comparism, what I’m not sure of is if he would stay long enough to trump Fergie’s record in totality.

What is your sincere opinion?