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Manchester United: Why Fabregas When You Have Shinji Kagawa?

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One of the most speculated transfer news over the past month has been of Wayne Rooney not wanting to work with David Moyes and leaving the club. According to recent reports at least three clubs, namely Arsenal, Chelsea and PSG, want Rooney in their team and thus have made moves for him. Therefore as a second part of the rumour, there are also ongoing talks of David Moyes including another play maker to his team in the likes of Fabregas. But what many fans and pundits are not able to see is that United already have an extremely talented play maker in their team and next season he might just go on to be one of the best player in the league.

Ex-Borrusia Dortmund star Shinji Kagawa has not turned many heads with his performance this season and a large part for that may be due to the fact that he was not employed in his preferred area of the pitch.

Recently Dortmund manager Klopp stated in an interview “Shinji Kagawa is one of the best players in the world and he now plays 20 minutes at Manchester United on the left wing! My heart breaks. Really, I have tears in my eyes.”

Kagawa is more of a creative no 10 type player and not a winger, the potion he was given in Manchester United. This was largely because of the fact that Rooney was playing in his position, a place on the pitch he despised. It was a shame because for Rooney, United decided to bench a player as capable as Kagawa and now Rooney wants to leave the club.

Moyes often fielded a second forward at Everton with Cahill or Fellaini to be the most likely candidates. If he applies the same tactics at United then Kagawa is bound to get a place behind Van Persie, which would help the Japanese international immensely.

The other problem of Kagawa was his injury which kept him on the sidelines for a long part of the season. It is quite natural for Asian players to take more time to get settled in the fast paced English League and Kagawa is no exception. David Moyes has a record of hard working regimen for his players and Kagawa is bound to improve because of that.

Therefore rather than investing heavily in a replacement for Rooney (if he leaves), Moyes’ first target should be to get the best out of Kagawa and make him have the same impact that he had in Dortmund.

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