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Manchester United Vs Liverpool: 3 Most Important Things That Could Decide The Game

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When Manchester United play Liverpool, we can expect a lot of fireworks on and off the field. These two clubs have a history of professional rivalry that goes back to ages. On Sunday they clash again at Old Trafford in the return leg of the Premier League after Liverpool edged past United side at Anfield, courtesy a solitary goal from Daniel Sturridge. Liverpool are in the mix for the title race this season after a long time, lying in second spot with 59 points, seven less than Chelsea with a game in hand.

United on the other hand are trying to salvage their season somewhat after slipping away to the sixth spot. Thus this match will be of prime importance to both the parties, both for footballing reasons and bragging rights and we can hope to see a lot of individual contests within the game.

We take a look at three such key battles which may be a decisive factor in the final outcome of the match this weekend.

Robin Van Persie Vs Luis Suarez:

These are two of the most talented strikers in the Premier League at the moment and time and again they have proved why they are at a level above the others (Probably with the exception of Sergio Aguero). This season Suarez has been in immaculate touch, scoring 24 times for the Reds and has been one of the prime factors for Liverpool’s good run of form.

Robin Van Persie, on the other hand, has not been that influential to United’s fortunes this term and this can be largely credited to his injury. He has been on the scoresheet just 11 times and not been able to hog the limelight alike Rooney. But the Dutchman will be looking forward to outclass the Uruguayan when they meet and stamp his authority on the game. The better performer among the two will be a huge factor in this game and that person could tilt the tie in his team’s favour.

Michael Carrick Vs Steven Gerrard:

The centre of the pitch is one of the most vital areas on the field and whoever shows dominance there, has a clear advantage on the game. Many say that Liverpool’s good showing this year has a lot to do with the deeper role that Gerrard has been playing for his team and in turn controlling more of the ball. While captain fantastic has done wonders for Liverpool, United’s Michael Carrick is not far behind. He was one of the most vital pieces in Sir Alex Ferguson’s puzzle, but he has not replicated his form under the new manager. But Sunday could be the day when he decides to show the world why SAF put so much of faith on him and outclass his national team captain.

David Moyes Vs Brendan Rodgers

This battle would supersede all other contests. The two men behind their team’s master- plan would engage in a battle of their own. Both would want to outwit each other with their strategies on the field. While David Moyes has a lot of points to prove to the world, Brendan Rogers would like to see himself in the big league of winning a tie at Old Trafford.