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Manchester United vs Chelsea: Three Postivies To Take From The 0-0 draw

There is absolutely no doubt that the match between Chelsea and Manchester United at Old Trafford on Monday was listless and did not live upto its build up. But there certainly are a number of positives that United and particularly Moyes can take from this match, which would comfort him immensely. Its a bit late to talk about this game, but we will give it a go.

Rooney to Chelsea?

The Rooney affair– The big surprise package of that match was Wayne Rooney, who not only produced a man of the match performance but also proved to the world that he is far from being finished. The media has been busy with linking Rooney to Chelsea throughout the summer and by a mere irony of fate he chose that very team to make a comeback. Moyes put his trust back on the England international and he did everything to justify that trust. After this match Rooney would now probably want to stay at United and Moyes would never want to part with such an impact player.

The new era of Moyes– Going into this match, United were definitely the underdogs with Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea being the firm favourites. Not only they had a better squad, but the sole factor of Mourinho made them the heavyweights. But the way Moyes stood his ground to see his side dominat the match astonished many and certainly signalled the beginning of a new era. United’s pre season had not been very promising and many were starting to question the appointment of Moyes. But the Scot was able to silence all his critics and prove to the world that Sir Alex had made the right decision. This match is going to be a special occasion for Moyes, an occasion where he could finally uphold his authority over the team.

The bonding of his team- United had failed miserably to bring a big signing to Old Trafford this summer with both Fabregas and Thiago snubbing the Manchester side. Many were under the impression that they would not stand a chance in front of the Chelsea side which could boast of some of the most creative midfielders in the world. But United successfully proved all wrong and displayed that a winning mentality can be as vital as the team. With this kind of grit and determination they definitely have what it takes to retain the crown.