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Manchester United Should Extend This £80,000-a-week Star’s Contract And Not Lose Him For Free – Agreed?

Marouane Fellaini

Why Manchester United Should Extend Marouane Fellaini’s Contract And Not Let Him Leave

A lot has been said about Tottenham Hotspur’s over-dependence on Harry Kane but many people failed to realise how Paul Pogba acted as a lifeline for Manchester United. It was only when he got injured that a lot of their problems came to the fore and cost the Red Devils. They started dropping points and their form was a lot poorer than what they had started with. Even Romelu Lukaku’s performances got affected by the Frenchman’s absence and things just looked tragic for the club.

However, in his absence, Marouane Fellaini stepped up to the plate and admirably filled the void left behind by the flamboyant Frenchman. He seemed to have unleashed his inner beast as he did everything he could to salvage United’s performances and it did work – until he succumbed to an injury as well.

The Belgian continues to be a highly controversial figure at Old Trafford. The fans either love him or hate him and there seems to be no middle ground. That said, one cannot deny the impact he has made on the team and it may not come as good news to many that he could leave the club soon.

United are yet to offer him a new contract and with his current deal set to expire next summer, he could leave the club on a free transfer. That seems hardly fitting for a player of his calibre and even Jose Mourinho has made it quite well-known that he deems the wild-haired midfielder a necessity at Old Trafford. If he were to leave though, what would it mean for the club?

Marouane Fellaini

Fellaini, who earns £80,000-a-week may have acted as a scapegoat several times for United but one cannot deny the way he has improved from last season. He is known for being physically aggressive on the field but every team has a player who does the dirty work, which ultimately sharpens their attack.

United have lacked that drive whenever the towering midfielder has been absent from the game. On several occasions this term, Mourinho’s men have been poor while attacking. More than anything else, they almost seem scared and over-cautious to make any move up front – besides merely passing the ball sideways.

Fellaini, in contrast, has always injected some freshness to the squad and has been tireless in terms of doing his work. At a time when their attack is struggling severely, the Belgian has proven to be quite valuable – even more so in Pogba’s absence. Regardless of whether he is loved or hated, one thing is for certain. United need a player like him and with that in mind, the club should look to renew his deal instead of losing him for absolutely nothing.