Manchester United: Leaky Defense And Playmaker Needed Post Liberty Point

Well Liberty Stadium was always fortress , Well same couldn’t be said about yesterday’s game though. Swans well flying high in 1st half but Second half was all about Red Devils. So team with strike power compared to best in world didn’t trouble Vorm too much, outsider will be clueless and we lost as to How RED DEVILS walked with a solitaire point. 

Leaky Defense :

MAN UNITED and the open gates, Struggling hard to keep a clean sheet as ever!!! Numerous reasons as to why we concede goals man marking is poor, tracking the runner is  a lost habit and following up on loose ball in 6 yard box etc etc. World Class strike force also can through rough patches so when goals are hard to come by the defense got to stand tall but where does it all go wrong. Vidic returned today but still Michu breached our defense, We knew how the Swans were if we scored early we needed to buck up the back side and battle it out but sadly we screwed up.

How can we improve ?

1.Well have a quality defensive mid fielder for start, a guy who mocks up the ball and the player the moment they clear half line . If every one is fit and rearing to go, Red Devil fans would agree Jones can be the man who can be it. Hard as rock and Will Power like Keane .

2.Moment possession is lost every one presses the opposition irrespective of their quality, We do these in the big games but against opposition like Norwich & Swansea we let them play which led to our down fall

Lets be assured if we carry on with this trend no matter how powerful our strike force we will pay dearly with points, The title may slip through the back.

Playmaker Need :

We struck the post couple of times but frankly certain people were jaded at times and ran out of ideas when White shirts crowded their mind and grabbed the ball.  Players like Kaka, Iniesta, Pastore etc are absolute gems in their prime form people who can pass the ball in terms of camel through eye of needle. We do have Carrick who has been brilliant and reached expectations well beyond but the sad part is he doesn’t score much and nor does he have it in his armory to go forward. Scholesy is awesome but we cannot imagine to play every game due to age constraint, We did bring Kagawa well he was decent for few views until injury struck but people like Hamsik and Isco will be revelations to UNITED in many ways. Ahead of tight packed schedule we do need another Play maker and In Jan if certain Sneijder’s Wife has a say well this dutch man could join RVP. People like Gotze are really good to have but the price tag will not tempt Sir Alex .

Very Key aspect for RED DEVILS to look into Play Making, Break Defenses and People from mid field should score goals especially Young & Valencia should stamp their class against lower opposition.

Hard fought point but Heart Breaking point loss at Liberty due to deficiencies that have haunted us through out this season.


Written by Dinesh V

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