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Manchester United Latest Including Marchisio And Mourinho


This season Juventus have been the team to beat in the Seria A and they have very rightfully conquered the league title. Some of their players have been stupendous for the club, but if we have to mention about one player who has been a standout performer this season it must be their Italian midfielder Claudio Marchisio. Starting from the Euro 2012, where he played a very vital role in Italy’s progress to the finals of the tournament, Marchisio have been extraordinary and now Manchester United are reportedly interested in the midfielder. Scholes’ perfect replacement maybe?

Manchester United need to strengthen their midfield this summer and they have looked upto some potential targets. While Fellaini is a natural choice, given his past relation with David Moyes, Marchisio also ranks high among the choices and the midfielder has already opened the doors for United, as indicated by his interview with Metro recently where he stated

I’ve heard that I might not be so valuable to Juve any more. I’ve not been told anything by the club or received any offers and I need to speak to Juve to see if I am still an important player for them. So far, I do not know but if I get offers from Manchester United, or Monaco, I would be very proud.”

Marchisio is currently in Brazil with his national side for the Confederations Cup, where Italy take on Mexico in their opening game and it would be the perfect stage for the 27 year old player to make an impact at the world stage again.  After the Confederations Cup, it should be time for Marchisio to sit down and take a look at the offers in hand. He should readily fit in the Manchester United team at the place of retiring club legend Paul Scholes, who is leaving behind a huge hole to plug in. It is still not clear why Juventus are not offering the player a contract, as they are running into the risk of losing the player. But if Juventus offer him the deal, it would be a thing to watch as to which club he really chooses.

Ot this is simply a case of an agent planting seeds. Marchisio’s agent could have let leak that the player would be proud to play for Monaco and Man United so either of these clubs will come in for him or his current club will offer him improved terms. You never know these days!

In other news, newly appointed Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has revealed that he would have turned down Manchester United’s job offer for Chelsea’s if something had come by his way and also claimed that he knew about Sir Alex’s retirement months ago before it came to the lime light.

Quoted by the BBC, Mourinho said:

“I knew that Ferguson was retiring many months ago. I would have turned down every job in the world – the Manchester United job, everyone – for Chelsea. I am so happy with his [Ferguson’s] trust because it was big news for the world – I can imagine that just a very small circle around him knew that, and it was a big responsibility for me to know that,” he said.

“Why do I know that? Because we are friends, so if I am his friend to know that he is going to retire, he is also my friend to know that the club I want to coach in England is Chelsea. Of course I told him I want to come to Chelsea. I would turn down every job in the world for Chelsea.”