Manchester United: How Badly Do They Need This £17m Rated Midfielder?

Thiago Alcantara
Thiago Alcantara

f you are a true Red Devil, then you certainly want the recent Spanish sensation Thiago Alcântara to don the red jersey this season. But to your disappointment, the Barcelona midfielder has also been linked with a possible move to Bayern Munich, who has a £17m buyout clause in his existing contract. Though United were the first movers for him, the recent buzz is that Thiago is keen to play under Pep Guardiola, who was his club manager till a season ago and now has taken charge of the German club.

But let’s altercate the current situation, why do Red officials need to go all-out  for this upcoming star?

The only transfer made so far under the new boss, David Moyes has been Uruguayan right-back Guillermo Varela. He has so far failed to sign his former club Everton’s left back Leighton Baines, although possibilities still exist.

But strengthening the defence may be one of the many jobs, but not his priority right now. Manchester United are now craving for a good midfielder, who can hold the ball and create opportunities for the team though the addition of Japanese national Shinji Kagawa last season has added a new dimension in the centre of the field.

The fact that Manchester United won the Premier League last season despite a weak midfield is attributed to two factors: the genius of Sir Alex Ferguson and an injury-free season for Michael Carrick. Carrick is surely a true successor of Roy Keane in every respect and is carrying forward the legacy of No.16 jersey in Old Trafford.

But heading into the season with only Carrick as a complete midfielder can turn out to be nothing but a batty gamble. With Anderson’s future in doubt, Tom Cleverley not yet ready to mark a foot and Fletcher’s career hampering with injury, Moyes will only have Kagawa as a support to Carrick.

So, what Moyes needs is a young, energetic, talented player who can make the turnaround for them from nowhere. With 16m of Average Pass Length and an Average Pass Accuracy of 92%, Alcântara, only 22, is a great deal to go for.

Thiago’s playmaking ability and swift-footed play would fit right into United’s playing style. And with Carrick as his partner, he can recreate the Keane-Scholes magic pair in late 90’s.

So, will the Red Devils get an opportunity to reminiscence the augury of the great pair in the new era? Or do they have to compete to retain the League with a debilitated mid-field?

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