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Manchester United Fans Stay Away! Five Reasons Why People Hate the Club?

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Manchester United fans

If you are conducting a poll about which club is the most hated in the Premier League, you might end up with Chelsea at the top of the list, but a close second would be Manchester United. Had you actually conducted a poll a few years ago, United would have easily topped the list. It isn’t just the Manchester City fans who would have voted for the club, Liverpool also have a massive history with the red half of Manchester and that rivalry has only grown bigger since the success United have had in the Premier League.

It was United, who famously knocked Liverpool off the top by overhauling their 19 English league titles and while the Merseyside club doesn’t seem close to winning another title, United have been able to win more trophies than Liverpool during the Premier League era. With great success comes great animosity and we provide five reasons, we could have provided a lot more, as to why Manchester United are hated so much.

The fans

Manchester United fans
Manchester United fans

This has got to be the biggest reason as to why the club is hated. Growing up during the Premier League era if you were to ask any young person which club they would support, they would say Manchester United, who were winning it all in England. That was fair enough, but these so called fans actually knew very little about the club, tradition or even players. I have known loads of United supporters who come and scream and shout their support, but they can’t tell who is a better player, Djemba Djemba or Kleberson, FYI neither of them were any bloody good. Manchester United do have a lot of knowledgeable fans, but even they cross the line more often than not constantly blaring their support for the club when they are winning and as soon as that stops, they go into hiding only to come out when they start winning again. Most of these ‘fans’ are glory hunters and that should be reason enough to hate.

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