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Why Manchester United Should Dodge The Bullet With This Nigerian Speedster

It seems that Manchester United have come up with a Plan B in case they don’t sign Barcelona’s Neymar anytime soon. Truth be told, this transfer does seem to be unlikely and the Premier League team are set to make a bid for Ahmed Musa, the Nigerian striker who plays for CSKA Moscow.

Musa has been impressive for the team in the Russian Premier League but moving a step up into the Premier League will be a different story but should United still get the 23-year-old, especially when they were aiming high for players such as Neymar in the transfer window?

A Nigerian burning it up in Russia

The Nigerian came to the fore of the footballing world with his performance against Argentina in the World Cup where he scored twice in a losing effort. Musa though has been doing well during his time in Moscow and apart from scoring 10 goals this season, he should easily surpass his tally of 15, his highest in Russia come the end of the season.

Musa is known for his pace and dribbling ability, he is also known to cut inside. Something that we have seen from Anthony Martial this season and that could be something that works in his favour. Although he is known to be a striker, his versatility enables him to play across the frontline but he is most effective when playing as the central striker.

He isn’t great in the air and that certainly wouldn’t be good news for Manchester United but Louis van Gaal needs someone who will take his chances and Musa isn’t the most lethal striker in the world, something that Manchester United need.

Manchester United already have someone who can play as the striker trying to hold onto the ball in Wayne Rooney, in fact, Rooney has done alright in the past few games. Manchester United also have players such as Anthony Martial who can do a similar job to Musa and the likes of Juan Mata and Memphis Depay to help the team down the wings.

Moving for Musa would be a gamble or a panic buy from Manchester United, spending money has to be wise from Louis van Gaal, whose own position at the club isn’t on a steady ground at the moment. Ahmed Musa is a talented player but he isn’t ready to take the step up and become United’s saviour all of a sudden. This is why United should dodge the bullet by opting out of this transfer deal.

Manchester United need to build a playing style first before they decide to splash the cash on attackers. Louis van Gaal has already spent a lot of money during his time at the club and he shouldn’t be allowed to spend a lot more anytime soon.