Manchester United defeated Brentford and squashed the planned protest

It is no secret that Manchester United has some problems in the English Premier League. Although the team welcomed Cristiano Ronaldo last summer, the Portuguese forward was unable to help his team win the competition. What’s even more frustrating is that United can even miss out on a slot for Europe League. There have two more games to play, and they are currently sixth in the EPL.

The recent bad results and the overall shape of the team do not positively impact fans. Although many of them try to make the most of the when signing up on a betting site, they rarely wager on the Red Devils because the team is not as stable as it once was. The bad results made some fans call for a walk-out protest, but the team’s success against Brentford was enough to squash it.

The match

A group of Man Utd’s loyal fans decided to do a “walk-out” process in the club’s match against Brentford. With that beings said, those fans decided that they won’t protest because their favorite team scored three magnificent goals.

It all started with Bruno Fernandes, who scored 9 minutes after the start of the match. Before that, the Bees had the chance to gain a lead, but they were unable to take advantage of the situation.

Despite being one goal down, Brentford didn’t give up and tried to equalize the match. Unsurprisingly, Eriksen was the leading player for his team and his shot put de Gea’s goalkeeping skills to the test.

Around the end of the first half, the Red Devils scored another goal, but this time but the referee used VAR, so the result remained unchanged.

The second half

Following the action in the first half, the second one started similarly. Both teams had several clear-cut chances of scoring. Interestingly, the Bees were the more aggressive team and almost scored a goal. However, they failed to use their chances, which gave Ronaldo and his team a fantastic opportunity.

Following Henry and Ronaldo’s “clash”, the Portuguese player won a penalty for his team. However, instead of giving it to Fernandes, who was unable to score against Arsenal, Ronaldo took manners into his own hands.

Unsurprisingly, the forward scored another goal for the English powerhouse, which made the Bees’ job really hard.

Things got even worse for Brentford because Raphael Varane scored the third goal just a couple of minutes after Ronaldo. Needless to say, Brentford had a mountain to climb, so it wasn’t surprising that the team lost this match.

Interestingly, Manchester United scored the third goal in the game just a couple of minutes before the planned protest, where people had to walk out of the stadium. Doing this when your team has a three-goal advantage is easier said than done, so most fans decided to stay.

The future

This was not the best year for Manchester United, and the team has a lot of work to do before it can catch up to the other top EPL teams. Most fans believe that Manchester’s owners (commonly referred to as the Glazers) are responsible for the team’s results. 

The anti-owner banners and shouting will most likely continue to be a part of every hardcode MUFC fan until their favorite club starts winning.

Written by Balachandran B

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