Manchester United could try to get Paulo Dybala, but other clubs are also interested in him

The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo this season was a dream come true for every MUFC fan. However, a series of disappointing results have put Manchester United in a difficult position. The team has no chance of winning the title, but it still has a shot at finishing in the top four. That’s why sports bettors keep an eye on the everyday winning tips from and read them before placing a bet on their favorite team.

Needless to say, the Red Devils are not happy with their current state and will try to improve their results in the upcoming season. One of the ways of achieving their goal is to bring in a world-class player. Speaking of the devil, Manchester United is really interested in one of Juventus’s superstars – Paulo Dybala. Sadly, bringing him to Old Trafford won’t be easy because MUFC has to compete with several other clubs.

The information

Despite being interested in the Argentinian superstar, Manchester United is just one of the four teams in the Premier League that want to get this player. Dybala’s contract with Juventus will come to an end this summer, and according to the official information, he does not want to remain a part of the club anymore. 

Unlike most other EPL teams that want to get Dybala in their lineups, Manchester United was interested in the player before. However, the Argentinian player decided to stay in Italy and try to win the CL with Juventus.

Other clubs that will compete with Manchester United

Since Dybala is one of the best players in the world, every top football club wants to get his signature. The Red Devils is one of them, but there are a couple of other big names that they have to go up against.

One of the teams is Arsenal, the club from North London that is currently in the fourth position in the EPL. We are yet to see whether the club will secure a slot for the Champions League, but having Dybala in their lineups will help them in the future.

Aside from Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle United are the other two clubs from the EPL that want to get Dybala. Newcastle is definitely the more interesting option here because the club was acquired by Mohammed bin Salman, one of the world’s richest people. Needless to say, he will probably do everything in his power to make Newscaster the best team in England, and getting Dybala is a step in this direction.

Will Dybala join United?

Everyone is eager to see whether Dybala will become a part of Manchester United. Even though the Red Devils have to compete with several other clubs, they have a huge advantage because of Cristiano Ronaldo. In case you don’t remember, the Portuguese played alongside Dybala in Juventus for a couple of years, and the two became close friends. Hence, we won’t be surprised if Dybala decides to join his former teammate and help Manchester United win the English Premier League.

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