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Manchester United Boss Jose Mourinho Would Have Done A Better Job Than Klopp At Liverpool – Agreed?

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Maybe? Maybe Not? Would Manchester United Boss Jose Mourinho Have Done A Better Job At Liverpool Than Jurgen Klopp?

In an explosive news report, it is being claimed that Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group offered the managerial job to Jose Mourinho in 2015, following the sacking of Brendan Rodgers. Eventually, the position was filled by the then Borussia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp. Also, Mourinho was just finishing his second spell at Chelsea at that point, and had reportedly turned down the offer since he was hoping for another chance at Stamford Bridge.

Two months after Klopp took charge at Anfield, Mourinho was sacked by Chelsea. Considering the people and teams involved, it does bring up some flashes of how different things could’ve been in the Premier League, had Mourinho accepted Liverpool’s offer.

The news, however, comes as a major shock considering how Mourinho has always shared a sour relationship with the Liverpool fans. His infamous feud with Rafa Benitez – Liverpool’s manager at the time, is quite well known. Moreover, it was Mourinho’s influence at Chelsea which prevented Liverpool from winning the league title back in 2014.

Fast forward three years, and Mourinho continues to be a villainous figure in the minds of several Liverpool fans – this time as he is the manager of their arch-rivals Manchester United, especially after the recent goal-less draw at Anfield. The Merseyside fans criticised Mourinho left, right and centre for employing such deeply defensive tactics against Liverpool. That is rather unfair though, since the Reds failed to register a win at home despite Mourinho’s alleged ‘parking the bus’. So if they are to blame anybody, it should probably be their own manager.

Had Mourinho been in charge of Liverpool, the team may not be where they are right now. Liverpool are currently placed 9th in the league table after the heavy 4-1 defeat at the hands of Tottenham earlier in the day. Much of their troubles can be attributed to Klopp’s inability to bring the best out his players. Mohamed Salah, though prolific in front of goal, lacks the right finishing touches. The midfield is quite chaotic, while the defence is in absolute shambles. The German also failed to muster good business in the recently-concluded transfer window.

In the past, Mourinho may have failed to come across as a manager who can push players to do better but at United, the story has been entirely different. Ahead of this summer, Marouane Fellaini and Anthony Martial were touted as two huge failures.

However, Mourinho never let that affect his faith in both of them. Fellaini has improved to the point where he is easily one of the Red Devils’ key players, while Martial is also an important attacking threat. Even in the case of Luke Shaw, who has been out for about a year now, the manager continues to have faith in him, which explains why Luke Shaw hasn’t already been shipped off to another club.

Imagine if Mourinho impacted players at Liverpool this way! The likes of Jordan Henderson, Ragnar Klavan, Dejan Lovren and even summer signing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could have possibly thrived under the United manager.

While it does make for wishful thinking, the fact is that this is a move which could have never happened. Liverpool fans hate Mourinho, and the manager himself does not harbour any special attachment towards the Merseyside. Perhaps Liverpool and Mourinho are better off as enemies than allies. But Jose Mourinho would have done way better than Jurgen Klopp had he taken over as Liverpool boss.