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Manchester United or Arsenal? Where Should This Super Swede go?

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Paris may or may not replace the Eiffel Tower with Zlatan but one thing is a guarantee, the Swede is on the move and France is not going to be his stop. The PSG striker seems to be on the radar for many top clubs and a bidding war could well take place to ensure the talented striker does end up somewhere big.

Money might be on the USA with the MLS attracting many top players in the twilight of their careers but Zlatan could still do well in any club for a couple of years. He has already played in Italy and Spain; it could well be time for him to move to England.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The four-time Ligue 1 winner certainly would be a great addition to the Premier League and it would be a fitting swansong for a player that has entertained us for so many years. There are two clubs who have been heavily linked with a move for the super Swede, Manchester United and Arsenal and both could really do with someone who oozes class like Zlatan.

A controversial figure but an incredible player

Zlatan isn’t a player who is willing to let others be bigger than him, he often is bigger than the club and that could be a reason why PSG are letting him go. The striker certainly does a lot of talking but he translates that with incredible performances on the pitch.

Even at the age of 34, he is set to become the top scorer in Ligue 1, yet again, even though he hasn’t been at his best this season. Zlatan though would have to deal with more physical players here in the Premier League but his Tae Kwon Do training would do him a great deal of good if he does have to play in England.

Arsenal have often needed someone to produce great displays in big games. The pressure of playing against the big clubs in Europe or domestic competitions as we have seen the side crumble in the Premier League and the FA Cup.

The biggest problem here would be dealing with the ego that is Zlatan and this could be the biggest reason why the Swede does not end up at Arsenal. Arsene Wenger might not be able to handle such players and the 34-year-old himself would think that he is better than most of the players at the club.

Turning the attention to Manchester United, they have needed a big signing who can perform and Zlatan loves to play at the big stage. This signing wouldn’t be out of touch since United did sign Henrik Larsson a few years ago when they needed backup.

Zlatan would not be backup; he would be the star at United. An upgrade on Rooney? Probably seeing as to how he has been scoring regularly for PSG and has even scored in the Champions League recently against Chelsea, so he does know how the game is played in England.

He is a free agent in the summer and not having to pay a huge transfer fee would make him a lucrative option, though his wage demands would be astronomical. Manchester United do seem to be his best fit at the moment but just how the sparks fly between Zlatan and Louis van Gaal should make for incredible fun next season.