Manchester United: 3 Things David Moyes Need To Keep In Mind

The Premier League fixtures are finally out and if you are a fan of a certain ‘new look’ Manchester United , either you are absolutely excited with them or scared. Either way the first 5 games are going to be absolutely brilliant and will really show what “The Chosen One” is made of. For those of you, living under a rock and just woke up, yes , Sir Alex Ferguson has finally retired, he goes and David Moyes is in. The Special One has turned into a “Happy One” and returned at the Bridge and master tactician Manuel Pellegrini is taking charge across the street at Manchester City. It is surely going to be an amazing new season and everyone is excited.

Probably, David Moyes takes the hottest seat and will be put under extensive scrutiny because well it is not easy following a legend like Sir Alex. He has some tough tasks to do, and here is what I think he needs to do.

1. Transfer Request boy – Wayne Rooney


Wayne Rooney has handed two transfer requests in the span of 3 seasons, he first questioned United’s lack of transfer activity and now when United went and signed a world class striker, he has handed a transfer request. Some reports claim he hasn’t and United wants to offload him with SAF saying that an inform Rooney would not have been substituted.

One can speculate as they like but the truth remains with United officials. David Moyes had a falling out with Wayne Rooney and with the bookmakers Wayne Rooney is leaving the Theatre of Dreams. David Moyes has to solve this conundrum. Rooney is still a world class player and wants to remain the focal point of a team and lead the side. It’ll be interesting as to what Moyes finally does with him, but if they want him to leave, they’d want to extract as much money as they can from his sale and Moyes would want to cover up the hole he left behind. He has to do so, because Wayne Rooney is Manchester United’s instigator and has been for a long time. His presence on the pitch is unparalleled by any other player in the squad. His name is still spoken with Ronaldo and Messi, no matter how poor a season he may have which is a total myth.

 He had a slow season, everyone has one and Moyes has seen Rooney enough to take the right decision. I expect Wayne Rooney to stay and Moyes to reinvent him under him. Moyes is no lightweight by any means, he may not be Mourinho or Pellegrini , but United have trust in him and he will be out to prove his worth. His first order of business should be sorting out Wayne Rooney’s future and even though he may be on holiday , I’m sure he’s been thinking about it.

 2. Understand the Manchester United way

manchester united squad reshuffle

He has been around enough to know how the British media is and how it is going to take anything he says and be on his case. He has to get through , everything done and said at Manchester United receives much more attention than it did at Everton and he cannot be calling Newcastle a ‘wee-club in the northeast’ just yet. Sir Alex Ferguson was one of the best coaches when it came to handling situations, media, players. He has to make a start. He will be coaching superstars of today and tomorrow, and will be facing superstars of today and tomorrow on a larger scale now. Losing will not be an option.

If someone becomes too big, he has to handle it right away, if someone feels small, he has to be there for them. A much bigger squad , quality and transfer budget. He’ll have the world at his feet, but he doesn’t have to get carried away and win the fans first. Most fans would be behind him from the word go because Sir Alex asked them to in his final post season speech at Old Trafford. He has to take in the numerous sponsorships, deals, media settings, love of the fans, even their wrath. A managerial job at United after Sir Alex was never going to be easy and with Moyes it is going to be new to him. People will guide him and he’ll surely have help, but there will come a time when he has to act bold and take decisions nobody will approve and then show results. This is how SAF built his legacy. Moyes will have to understand how the club is run very quickly and how things are handled. Most of all, he shall not try to overdo it. Take it easy mate!

 3. Invest in the squad

Manchester United need a midfield shake up, with Scholes finally gone and along with Anderson reported to be sold, Fletcher may not be his old self and Cleverley still is growing. United need reinforcements to support the likes of Kagawa and Carrick. They need someone to free Carrick and well maybe then, Carrick becomes even better and so does Cleverley. A little good competition for places doesn’t hurt. Then there is the issue of wings, Ashley Young was never going to be of United quality, Valencia’s form has deserted him since he took the coveted no. 7 jersey at United and Nani is still failing to realize his evident world class potential. Nani is likely to be sold. Young might be sold too even though he is a hardworker, but he is not good enough.  Zaha is still young and will be new to the premier league, so least should be expected of him.

What will happen to Nani this summer?
What will happen to Nani this summer?

 Manchester United have always liked wingers and I don’t think Moyes will change that. For now, United have only been linked with central midfielders so chances of a winger being signed seem bleak but there is still a long time in the transfer window. He needs to make decent buys because with Chelsea and City already linked with some big buck signings, it is about time he made a move. Ronaldo would be loved but expensive and the likes of Strootman and Alcantara are going to be liked by the fans. This way he shows his first moves as a manager to the fans and is going to be judged by them.

 Everyone knows the weaknesses and I am sure he’ll try and address them, but he needs to act fast or else all the good names would’ve gone from the market. With Isco likely to join Manchester City where he’ll thrive along with Navas and Fernandinho, and Chelsea obviously with their so called “Mazacar” and now Schurrle and even Arsenal looking to spend big. Spurs too will be looking good by the end of the transfer window. Well Mr. Moyes, judging by United’s obvious weaknesses , some people have to go and signings have to be made. Be smart and you’re already half inside everyone’s heart at United.

Written by Dinesh V

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