Manchester City vs Chelsea: Who Has The Better Strike Force?

Diego Costa

The international break often leads a lot of club football followers into a recluse, we though try to keep things ticking by and ensure that there is something or another worth going ballistic on or at least get you engaged.

This season in the Premier League has been a one team show with Manchester City absolutely demolishing what has been presented ahead of them. They have a perfect record and their attack, midfield and defence have all been brilliant from every angle.

The main star of the show has been Sergio Aguero, if the Argentine stays fit for the majority of the season, City should easily win the league based on the way they have started their campaign. Chelsea might be a little off the pace at the moment but they too have a great striker in their ranks.

Diego Costa is another striker who has had injury problems in his English career. The Spaniard is one of the toughest strikers in the world and he loves a good scrap but his injury record isn’t that good and he has slowly worked his way back to fitness and looks menacing once again.

With four games done in the Premier League we compare both the players using We would only use per game average from this season.

Argentine vs. Spaniard

Sergio Aguero

Fortunately both players have played four games this season and surprisingly it is Costa who has played more minutes than Aguero. However, it is the Argentine who has a better attack score of 22.56 when compared to Costa’s paltry 9.54.

When it comes to passing it is Costa who streaks ahead of Aguero. Although Costa averages 10.75 forward passes per game compared to 9.75 for Aguero, his successful passes are way higher than Aguero’s.

Costa averages 24 successful passes per game while Aguero chips in with 16.5 successful passes per game. A true mark of a good striker comes in the goals he scores and both players have the exact same number of goals from their four Premier League games so far this season.

However, Aguero was better in front of goal in terms of hitting the target compared to Costa. Aguero had a 64% shot accuracy in the last four games of the season while Costa hasn’t hit the target all that well with only a 43% shot accuracy this season. Even when it comes to taking on the defence it is Aguero who is ahead with a 46% success rate in taking on defenders while Costa comes in with just a 23% success rate.

Costa and Aguero though aren’t separated much in terms of the goals they have scored at the moment and just who comes out on top of this stat at the end of the season can stake claim to the better striker in the league.



Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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